Can you solve the passcode riddle?

Riddles are fun and a good way to work your brain on a daily basis, Now let’s try to work on one.

The query begins in a dystopian world, A resistance group has been captured by the tyrannical rulers and brought to the ancient coliseum for their fatal amusement. Before getting thrown in a dungeon, they descry innumerable hallways to escape but each exit blocked by an electric barrier with a combination keypad. Comprehending only of them can try to escape while others will be fed to the salamanders the next day.

Let’s solve the passcode riddle and get everyone out safely, One among the three named Zara possesses perfect logical reasoning skills, so she is the obvious choice to be the knight in armor.

Allowing her to own a concealed audio transmitter, so the other 2 chums can hear along.

As Zara offleads, others hear her footsteps echo through one of the hallways, then stops. A voice conditions that she must enter a code consisting of three positive whole numbers in a chronological order stipulating that the second number is greater than or equal to the first number and the third is greater than or equal to the second. Drawbacks are she can demand 3 clues but if she makes a wrong guess and speaks out loud then game over!

For the passcode, the first clue is that the product of three numbers is 36, the second rule says the sum of the numbers is the same as the number of hallways she entered, followed by the third rule, which says that the largest number should be a doozy.

Now let’s do the brain exercise, from the first clue you work out all of the eight possible combinations to get the product of three numbers to be 36.

Based on the second clue let’s decide to work out the sum of each combination of 3 numbers, and that’s when it hits us that all but the two of the sums are doozy.









But, since there was the third clue, the hallway number must have matched the only sum that appears more than one i.e 13 which deduces us with 2 combinations that give us 13



That’s when we recall the third clue telling us that the largest number should be a doozy. 229 is the code!

Commemorate for you have freed your chums through math and logic. You are truly the redeemer.

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