Can you solve the penniless pilgrim riddle?

Riddles are a great way to enhance logical thinking, making assumptions, using math and calculations. They’re fun and often challenging. Many riddles sound confusing at first and force students to think about ways to gather information and simplify a problem. These are useful skills for problem solving and decision making.

Penniless pilgrim riddle is a great riddle to train your logic and to make the order of operations. As pilgrims to Duonia, (you students) are caught in a complicated tax scheme and you have to figure out how to get into the temple without paying any money or breaking the rules of their pilgrimage.

What are the rules?

Duonia is a sixteen-block town which has five streets running north-south that intersect with five streets running east-west. You have to arrive in the northwest corner of town to make your way to the temple in the southeast corner. Unfortunately for the pilgrim, Duonia imposes a tax system on visitors, charging 2 silver pieces for each block walked to the east, and doubling what you owe every time you walk south. Also, they subtract 2 silver pieces for each block walked to the west, and halve what you owe when you walk a block north. You must pay the full amount after your arrival in the southeast corner.

Being a pilgrim, you have no money and no intention of leaving too. How will you travel to the southeast corner of Duonia without owing or receiving any silver?

Let’s crack this!

Read the rules again, after getting certain understanding you will come to know that in making certain movements, you’ll owe some number of silver pieces to the pilgrimage while moving in the other direction will reduce the number of silver pieces.

Therefore, you have to plan your movement in such direction that the final number comes 0.

Moving along these directions- S E N W S S S E E E E S will result in 0 silver pieces at the end making you reach the temple successfully.

And if you are confused or unable to calculate, watch the reference video and become a genius!

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