DIY Recycle Paper Craft Ideas For Kids To Try At Home

Craft helps to refine skills of kids and also provide opportunity for parents to engage with kids and spend time together. Apart from this, using recycle paper for craft work helps to realize importance of mother earth to kids. That is the reason we brought you simple DIY ideas which can be easily tried at home.


Flower Craft: Painting Flowers Using Water Plastic Bottle

Easy painting with plastic bottle. Dip the bottom of bottle in colors and place it on paper sheet to make a flower. You can stick a button on centre of the flowers.


Toilet Paper Roll Minions Craft for Kids

Minions are cute. With paper sheet you can make them easily as shown in following step by step tutorial.


Caterpillar Crafts For Kids

Caterpillar can be easily created with wooden stick and some pom pom. See image below for step by step tutorial.


Simple Painting Using Hands

Kids can use their hand to create amazing painting. Just spread colors over palm and place your palm over a paper to creating amazing painting.


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