How can we make reading interesting?

How can we make reading interesting?

Reading is a very healthy habit so many people want to develop this habit. Reading for sure increases our mental thinking abilities. Many of us want to develop this habit but they don’t know how to cultivate it whenever they read books they found them tedious. So how can one build the habit of reading? Approach it like any other habit, take small steps first, get rid of humdrum reading, set goals, discuss the matters to make it more interesting etc.

Reading is really a good habit which everyone should adopt. Many want to get a reading habit but they don’t know how to cultivate it whenever they read books they found them tedious. So how can one build the habit of reading? Firstly people need to know why they want to get reading habit. What will be the benefit of that?


Benefits of Reading

So let me start with the benefits of reading.

  • First and the most important is, it enhances your vocabulary means you get to learn new words, which helps empowering your language and your dialects.
  • It makes your thinking sharper, when you read more and more it broadens your mind which helps you by giving more ideas.
  • It also increases your knowledge power. When you read, it makes you aware about the unknown facts.
  • It helps in relieving you from fear, anxiety and depression.  It’s a sort of meditation when there is only you and your reading material.
  • And the last but not the least, it will definitely develop your personality. As when you have strong vocabulary power, more knowledge, more ideas to present it will definitely boost your confidence.

So it’s clearly understood that reading improves us and makes us a better person. But we don’t know how to make it a habit. So first we have to know what is habit of reading, habit is something which we doesn’t get something in a day or a week, it is something that takes a few weeks or months to get things in our nerves. As we get the habit of other things like habit of playing cricket, exactly in the same way we have to develop the habit of reading.

How can we make reading interesting?

  1. Approach it like any other habit – Fix a particular time in a day for reading. Let’s say start reading at 6 p.m daily in the evening for half an hour until your brain gets used to it. So whenever it’s 6 P.M your brain starts expecting you to start reading. If in the beginning you find difficulty then you set a reward for yourself like when you are done with reading give a piece of chocolate to yourself. So your brain also start anticipating a piece of chocolate. So read regularly and fix it a routine.
  2. Take small steps first– Start reading with simple books which have simple language that can easily be understood by you. You can also start with story books or comic books. If you start with difficult and heavy books it will become difficult for you to make it a habit.
  3. Get rid of humdrum reading– Reading is only interesting when we read those books in which we have interest. Don’t read to impress anyone just read for your own will. So read those books which seems interesting to you. It can be of any type like comic, inspirational, cooking, fiction, nonfiction, poetry or something related to your hobby.
  4. Make reading interesting– when you see books of kindergarten, you found them attractive and interesting. Even the kids also like them. But why? Because they have a lots of pictures on them which makes them easily readable by kids. But for us reading our material becomes really a hard task. So can’t we read like the kids. I mean to say visualise whatever you read. If you read a news then create a picture of it also in your mind. Make reading enjoyable by converting  words into real juicy pop of information.
  5. Set goals–  Once you get a little habit of reading, set reading goals, determine how much time you want to spend on reading or how many books you want to read over time. Make a list of things that you want to read over time. Look for book summaries online and see which book suits your preferences.
  6. Find ways to connect with reading – Read everything, don’t limit yourself only to books. Read everything which you get around like newspaper, magazines, comics. Even read the things that are written on the packets of chocolate or chips you buy.
  7. Discuss – Surround yourself with those people who also like reading. Discuss with them what you have read. And Ask them what they are reading. Discussing also makes reading interesting.

Only you can do the things for yourself. Let the time work will work for you and be patient, don’t ask yourself  “why am I not a reader yet?” Instead simply enjoy the reading process, Read and repeat untill you get a habit. Remember, ‘Rome was not buit in a day.’And transform yourself from a book hater to book lover.

So reading is inevitable, As Plato had said “Books give a soul to the universe, Wings to the mind, Flight to the imagination, And life to everything.”

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