How does your body know what time it is?

Our body is made up of different organs including neurons and bones. Neurons play a major role in the working function of the body. Our body also contains a clock! Sounds interesting?

Our body clock is known as the circadian clock, which response to environmental cues such as light and darkness. Almost every tissue and organ in the body is governed by the guardian clock. The circadian name actually originates from “circa-Diem” expressing “throughout a day.


How does our body know the time?

When we eat healthy food and sleep on time, our body working on the circadian clock. When our body temperature rises or we feel hot or cold the sensation directly goes from the organ to the nerves of our brain. Our brain contains a special kind of hormones that gives a signal to neurons or genes present in the brain. Circadian clock work like it gives the signal to the brain, brain process the signal and send to each particular organ of the body.

A control timer, controlled by the intellect, keeps all the timers in synchronization. Many organs perform best at certain hours of the day. When our body performs day- to day activities it’s working on the Circadian clock. If we turn on and off the light even if our eyes are closed then it working on a Circadian clock .even if our body works in the dark, it will still work as a Circadian clock.

It is an intracellular timer so if you look in somebody’s cavities they are all able to keep time as well. If you put cells in a dish they will show 24-hour changes in gene appearance. Every day you work half an hour will get the drift. It requires setting; need to check it into the conditions each day to keep it at the right time.

How it is useful to work?

The influence of the Circadian clock is that it allows contemplation. So rather than calmly reacting to the atmosphere, it gets knowledge so you get up-you know that the atmosphere is going to improve and predict it – and of course, then change your private biology and behavior to ready for that shift in the background.

Light is great at turning our clock but there is a purpose to how much it can change it, so when you’re progressing across various time zones it will take you about a day to reconcile for a specific time position. So a six-hour stint will catch five or six times for your organization to take up.

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