How Does Your Body Know You Are Full?

After eating enough how do you feel that it’s enough and you can’t eat anymore? From where does this sensation come from? Actually, it’s because of leptin. Leptin is a satiety hormone; it recognizes you to stop eating further because you are already full. Leptin is secreted into the bloodstream by the fat cells in order to signal simply your brain that you need to stop you have had enough. Actually, hunger has 2controller i.e. Ghrelin and leptin. The empty stomach releases Ghrelin and full stomach releases leptin.

Really when we know that it’s the time we should stop eating? Have you ever felt like no I can’t eat more or my stomach will burst if I continue? Yes, we all have felt this way at a different point of times. So what is the thing that stops us from eating more? What is that? Question yourself…..


Where does this sensation I feel full come from?

This is not a special case for today or tomorrow or any other day but it happens on a daily basis when feeling hunger we eat and then after consuming our food we stop. Why do we stop? What makes us feel stop eating, you ate enough.

Here you got your answer

The feeling of fullness is described by the scientist as satiety signals and these signals come from different sources. Researchers have divided these signals into two- short-term signals and long-term signals.

Short-term satiety signals just come from the meal you just consumed or ate. They include the memory of the food, the taste, the smell; the sensation of your stomach stretching and different hormones released from your digestive tract in proportion to the nutrients you indigested.  This is one reminder from your body to your brain. Just stop eating you ate enough.

Now let’s talk about long-term signals. Long-term satiety signals refer to the chemical messages that body sends to the brain, which regulate how a particular meal can make us feel. The best thing is to explain here is leptin. The heavier you become, the more leptin you have and the more quickly your brain realizes that you have had enough to eat.

Let me tell you what is this leptin

Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells that decreases your appetite. It’s a particle in our body that is produced from tissues or glands. Here, leptin is produced by fat cells that send a signal to the blood to do the body to perform certain tasks. Leptin is a satiety hormone; the main message of leptin is to stop eating. Leptin is secreted into the bloodstream by the fat cells in order to signal simply your brain that you need to stop you have had enough.

Feeling full is a result of chemical reaction of your brain released when you put food and drink in your stomach. Your brain takes at least 20minutes to register these chemicals.

History of hunger and feeling of fullness

Hunger is controlled by two hormones. When your stomach is empty, it releases ghrelin and because of this ghrelin, you feel hungry.

When you start eating your stomach stretches out. As it stretches, it stops releasing ghrelin.

As when your food is digested, insulin is released into your bloodstream. Insulin is very important to your body to get energy. When these insulin starts delivering more of or extra energy to your fat cells then these cells start releasing leptin. The brain detects the insulin in the blood which simply indicates that the nutrients are being absorbed by cells and the person is getting full.

In this way, we stop eating and we feel full. And this process continues as you have eaten but after some hours you will feel hungry and this cycle goes on. This process of ghrelin and leptin keeps going.

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