How memories form and how we lose them


Amnesia? hell naw

But why do my memories dwindle? Let’s see

Did you know that your experience is transformed into a pulse of electrical energy that moves along a network of neurons? The details enter into the active memory making itself available for a couple of minutes, then moved to abiding memory, ultimately to storage regions across the brain, scattering every individual memory.

A memory only happens when many connected neurons fire in a specific manner, just one neuron can encode multiple memories escalating the storage capacity.

Hippocampus is the key to make memories, It’s buried deep in the brain, a group of cells shaped like a seahorse.

What but makes you remember stuff for the long term? It’s the process called Potentiation where two neurons communicate repeatedly escalating the efficiency or consolidation which commits memories, it helps you recall stuff when triggered.

Okay? So why does it fade then or How?

We remember a lot of stuff but we forget even more.

  • Passive oblivescence where the connections between brain cells gradually fade.
  • This is quite common that elders wearing their spectacles, keep searching for it everywhere cause “age” affects our memory-making potential, neurons communicate at dedicated sites called synapses which become fragile, knowing the fact that it loses 5% of neurons every decade eventually relinquishing the development of neurotransmitter.
  • Targetted forgetting which happens during the night when the brain clears out futile information. which is good or else we would overflow neuron networks with random trivia.
  • Even your health problems can interfere with the capacity of being attentive, like stress, depression as they affect the ability to gain new information. Cause your memory is already holding on to something, let go of it so it can make way for new stuff. This is motivated by forgetting when we intentionally suppress obnoxious memories.
  • Interaction keeps your mind active and salubrious, but Isolating can fade your memory power, so use the brain or risk losing it.

So What can you do about it?

  • Be physically active
  • Eat well
  • Do the brain exercises.

But you know what, It takes a moment to create memories and a lifetime to forget them, and even if you did trust me, its for the best.

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