How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it)

We humans have experienced miscommunication in some parts of our life. The result of miscommunication includes unpleasement such as confusion, misunderstanding.

Discussing human communication, it is very complex even if the two humans are face to face and in the same room. By understanding the cause of miscommunication we can root out way more difficulties than we could have ever imagined.


Actions That Happens When Humans Communicate

Transmission model

An interpretation known as ‘transmission model’ shows communication as a series of messages that usually gets transferred from one human being to another which however is not to blame for complex communication. For example, when a ball is tossed to another person and the former person walks away.

Transactional model

When two persons are communicating, they are exchanging feedback that are involved in the communication which gives rise to some complex communication. We humans are bound to exchange messages based on our subjective lens.

How To Avoid Miscommunication

To avoid such miscommunication there are some practices that we need to implement in our life so as to get rid of the root cause of miscommunication.

To avoid miscommunication, simple steps are to be followed like the following:-

  • It has to be clearly understood that passive hearing and active listening are different. One has to make sure that active engagement in verbal and non-verbal feedback of others is taking place and adjustment in the message should happen for a good understanding.
  • The individual has to listen from eyes, ears and even gut because the concept of communication is way more than just simple use of words.
  • The time that a person takes to be understood should be the same as the time that a person takes to understand. The reason behind is that communication is a two way street.
  • Awareness of perception filters is necessary as well the objective of one person might not hold true to the objective of the other person.

This is how a common understanding will be reached along with helping others.

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