Innovative Ways To Teach Kids English Alphabets

‘Mumma ‘ or ‘maa’ is the first word which almost every newborn baby says. After this only a baby starts saying or learning other things. Parents make a lot of efforts at home to teach their kids. But the actual and formal education of kids starts with the learning of English alphabets i.e., A, B, C, D.

Today, for all of us these alphabets sounds like very easy. But for kids, this first step of basic education seems to be very difficult. Since every child is different from one another, so some learn easily, some face difficulties in learning and there are other kids also who are just not interested in learning anything. They tend to ignore or run away from studies and learning.

It’s become very difficult to deal with these kinds of children. For them, many efforts are done by both parents as well as teachers. Honestly, it’s not at all easy to make kids learn something. And when it comes to learning English alphabets, it becomes more important because it is a base of any education.

Though it’s tough, but like every other problem solved, it also has a solution. There are several ways to make kids learn English alphabets. But before that let us know a little bit about what is alphabets and the history of it.


Meaning of Alphabets

The word alphabet means a set or a collection of symbols or letters which can be used for written language or spell a word.

For example, the word ‘ alphabet’ itself consists of some letters i.e. A, L, P, H, B, E, T.

History of Journey of Ancient alphabets to English alphabets

As mentioned above that alphabets is a collection of various symbols. So the Egyptians were the first one who used symbols to present sounds. But the true alphabets was first used in ancient times almost 4000 years ago, in the land of Canaan.

Then Canaanite alphabets were taken to Greece, where Greek alphabet evolved. Then Greek people took the Greek alphabet to Italy, where Latin alphabets evolved and used in Roman Empire. After this Roman people took this Latin alphabet to England, where our English alphabets evolved.

Today, what we all learn is the English alphabet. It is very popular. In English alphabets, there 26 letters i.e. starting from A to Z.

Innovative Ways to Teach Kids English Alphabets

For reading and writing, the first and foremost thing is to teach alphabets to kids. This teaching, in fact, begins from home itself. As kids are very small and always engaged in playing, so making them learn something is a very difficult task. So some kind of innovative ways is needed to teach them English alphabets. There is a number of ways, so let’s know some of the important ones.

  • Singing alphabet song:–  Singing ABCD song in front of your kids, is the best way to make them learn alphabets. They love to sing, so they catch the English alphabets very fast.

  • Showing colorful pictures of alphabets:- Show your kids bright colored pictures of every letter words, like show picture of apple for letter A, ball for letter B and etc.
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  • Make them read a variety of ABC books:- To make kids learn alphabets faster show them different- different ABCD books. As every book is different from the other, kids will be fascinated and love to see them all.
  • Pointing alphabets everywhere:- Wherever you see the letters of alphabets point out to your kids and ask them which letter is that? In this way, your kid will learn everywhere.
  • Playing a variety of ABCD games:– I think this is one of the best ways to teach kids and make them learn anything. A lot of fun is involved in this, so kids show a lot of interest in this. There are various games through which you can teach ABCD to your kids. Few of them are as follows-
    1. ABCD board game – Make a board of ABCD and ask your kid to put the letter blocks on ABCD board.
    2. Jumping on the Alphabet box – Make big boxes with ABCD written into it on a ground and ask your kid to jump on a particular box when you call out the letter.
    3. Matching the alphabets – Buy two sets of alphabet cards. Put one set of cards into a bag and other spread it on the table. Now ask your kid to pick one letter at a time from the bag and match it with cards on the table.
    4. Alphabets hunt game:- Just hide blocks of letters in your house and show your kids that letter and ask them to find that letter blocks.
    5. Alphabet puzzle game:- Buy an alphabet puzzle game from the market ask your kid to fix those puzzles every day.
  • Sorting magnetic ABCDs:- Buy magnetic letters and ask your kids to stick it on fridge daily. Kids really enjoy doing this and learn anything quickly.
  • Finding alphabets in the newspaper:- Show your kids newspaper daily and ask them to find different letters.
  • Making an alphabet book:- Sit with your kids and ask them to cut letters from other books and paste it into a new blank book to make their own separate alphabet book.
  • Painting the Alphabets:- Ask your kids to paint alphabets with different colors.

These above innovative ways make easier for your kids to learn English alphabets. It helps in boosting the memory of kids. So every parents and teacher should try out all these ways for their kids.

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