Is it possible to create a perfect vacuum?

We learn science, we understand science and we invent something using science. Observe several things, applications around yourself, everything has science. Home appliance like a vacuum cleaner, how is that working?

It cleans the surrounding but I amazed after thinking of that air and pressure in a vacuum cleaner. It has a fan inside to create the low pressure that sucks the matter to fill the emptiness. Innovation!!!.

But this is created with some version and for use. Now the question is,


What Is a Vaccum?

A vacuum, in space there is no matter, no particle and pressure are also low. It can be created by removing air from space by reducing the pressure.

The word comes from Latin, means empty. It is a region where pressure is less than atmospheric pressure.

Now, most of the people have one question,

Is It Possible To Create a Perfect Vaccum Or Not? 

Practically, it is not possible to create.

To maintain a vacuum, it needs to be shielding it from the environment. Somehow, or is not possible to create a container. These containers would prevent the atoms from entering the region.

But what are the problems while doing this?


Photons mean electron-positron pair. A container can radiate these photons if it is not at the temperature of 0’K where K means Kelvin. A perfect vacuum has a temperature 0’K. But, practically it is not possible to reach this temperature.

Weak Particles

300 trillion neutrinos from the sun pass through the human body. Other particles can enter into the region if they are weakly interactive. A container is like a shield but in case if these particles mean neutrinos enter the region.

Quantum Theory

Quantum theory explains both nature and behaviour of matter and energy.Quantum mechanics where there several fluctuations in space-time. So, due to this theory, constant creation and annihilation (destroy) of matter anti-matter particles pair named as virtual particles pair. Energy fluctuations called as virtual particles are popping in and out constantly of existence even in space.


In short, it is not possible. But see different scientific theories have existed behind it and due to many factors, it will never happen.

“A perfect vacuum=No”!!!!

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