Is radiation dangerous?

Duh.. yes! it’s very dangerous but not every radiation is harmful because it is basically energy traveling as waves or particles. it can be classified as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation included visible light, infrared rays, microwave, radio waves, etc which is generally not harmful whereas Ionizing radiation includes gamma rays, X-rays, Radiation discharged by radioactive elements, nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, etc. Nuclear radiation, on the other hand, originates in the atomic nucleus where protons repel each other due to mutual positive charges but strong nuclear forces grapple to overcome this repulsion, and isotopes remain radioactive that eject energy randomly, It comes from natural sources like radon, a gas that speeds up from the ground. Even bananas contain a small amount of radioactive potassium isotope.

Though we are exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation every day, it is innocuous. Radiation becomes risky when it rips atoms electrons away upon impact i.e. high-level exposure in a short period of time can vandalize the DNA in our cells, even if the cells try to repair themselves, there can be a change or mutation in the genes, leading to uncontrolled cell division, thus causing cancer, it can also turn water in our body into hydrogen peroxide TOXIC!! For example, have you notice doctors shield body parts they don’t need to examine.

Radiation is measured in siverts (standard international derived unit), the average radiation we receive each day is 10 micro siverts, it has been affirmed that a single 1 c per dose causes radiation sickness. Radiation requires certain conditions to make it deadly like an ordinary particle that flies at high speed could be nucleus, electron or the proton. The three basic types of radiation includes alpha, beta and gamma. Alpha particles are heavy and cover small distances unfortunately it can be inhaled or ingested which is bad, beta particles are light and cover large distances and then¬† gamma radiation rays are the most dangerous and they can travel through most forms of matter. But radiation is not all bad and isn’t just used to generate power, radioactive isotopes are also used to treat people used in security devices and even to heat up last night’s pasta.

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