Make Your Own Submarine

Submarine is interesting vessel as it has ability to disappear in water, these enormous vessels have large no. of the crew in it. It is used for traveling under the deep ocean. Through submarines, one can explore underwater wonderfully and can see many sea creatures there. But submarines are made to do a lot more than only staring at water animals.

But, do you know how it get disappear in water? It uses a very simple principle. You can understand it with this simple activity designed using some commonly available material and tools like plastic bottle and tubes.

Material Required

  • Recycled Plastic Water Bottle
  • Cello Tape
  • Plastic Pipe tight fitted in Bottle Cap
  • Stell Washers Weights
  • Scissor


Step 1: Poke three holes in a line with the scissors as shown in following image.

Step 2: Attach steel washers weight with tape between holes and tighten the bottle lid.

Step 3: Place the bottle in a water tub. You can see it floating. Now, suck through tube for bottle to fill it with water.

Step 4: As you start sucking, water will fill in bottle. It will make bottle sink in the water. When you blow the bottle, it will fill with air and it will start floating. This is the principle behind submarines.

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Download Printable for Submarine Experiment

Images and Idea by Arvind Gupta Toys

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