Plants can produce flowers but we don’t. Why?

Plants can produce flowers but we don’t. Why?

Plants can produce flowers, fruits, leaves, vegetables but we don’t. Why? It’s simple because we are different from them. How? Our system of growth is too different from plants- our body structure, Plants prepare their own food but we don’t. There are some similarities too like we both are living beings, we humans and animals inhale oxygen exhale carbon dioxide, plants do vice-versa. We are dependent on each other and have got different functions to perform. That’s why plants can produce flowers and we don’t.

Sometimes I wonder too why plants can produce flowers, fruits, leaves and we don’t. Plants are like, they grow to become big, beautiful, tall and helpful to society. Before going further, picture a plant in your mind and compare it with human beings. Yes, you are right there are many differences and many similarities too…

What differences can you see? Plants can’t speak, they can’t move, they don’t eat food like us pizzas, bread, cereals etc; on the other hand we humans can eat many kinds of stuff, can easily move different places, we can express too. The basic idea is plants and trees all are living beings like us but the process of growth and functioning is different. We need each other because we are related to each other and are required to take care of each other.

Let me tell you some basic differences like-

Have you ever seen your plant-eating burger? No, the answer is obviously no because we eat burgers not plants so what plants eat? Ever tried to find or heard anything before about this? Plants can make their own food, how?

Let’s find out- plants need many things to make their own food –

  1. Sunlight- sunlight light directly coming from sun or bulb light
  2. Carbon dioxide- it’s a gas which normally we humans and animals exhale
  3. Water- plants also drinks water by soaking it through their roots, besides they need water on their leaves also
  4. Nutrients and minerals- nutrients are collected by plants through its soil on which it is stood
  5. Chlorophyll- a green pigment found in the plants
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Plants make food in their own leaves. Their leaves contain a pigment called chlorophyll and these chlorophylls help plants making their food and are a reason why the plants are green. Chlorophyll helps plants making their food by utilizing sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, nutrients and minerals and this whole process of making food by plant self is called photosynthesis. During this process, plants exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide.

See the difference, we humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide where plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. We both are dependent on each other.

  • Have you ever noticed the differences that human and plants bodies show- think of a plant what do you see leaves, roots, stems, bud, flowers they are essential parts of plant whereas in human we have hair, head, nose, ear, neck, chest, leg, ankle, knee, thumb, hand, arm, fingers etc.
  • The growth of human body and plants are two very different concepts and is the main reason why plants can produce flowers, fruits and we can’t. Production of flowers this task can only be performed by plants and trees not by humans or animals as everything has got its activity and this activity comes from plants and trees category. Want to know how? see below-given information

A seed holds the beginning of any new plant; roots grow from the seeds feeding the nutrients and water from the soil as the roots start spreading itself in the soil, the plants began to grow slowly in process. The plants use sunlight to grow through the process of photosynthesis which is previously described. As the plants grow flowers began to grow.

Whereas human body do not functions like this we humans can’t make our own food because we don’t have leaves like them and cannot further process like them, so where we cannot process photosynthesis we cannot make our own food too and we can’t grow like plants grow and cannot produce flowers too.

We totally depend on others, we depend on plants, animals, trees to serve us things we require like you get tomatoes, carrots, brinjals, grapes, potatoes etc. from plants, oranges, mangoes, apples, mangoes etc.

But plants can’t also grow by themselves they need carbon dioxide. Humans and animals exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen. We can’t survive without plants.

We need plants and trees to grow and survive beautifully because we need so many things from them like oxygen, wood, medicines and food.

Plants are living beings too so they also have rights as equal to us to live happily not to be disturbed in any case. You see we need both each other and totally depend on each other.

We plants and human beings are very old friends. We are always taught to treat plants and trees in a better way as they can’t speak and move but they feel like us and grow like us.

Also they make us happy by giving so many things fruits, flowers, colorful leaves, a healthy environment and most important oxygen so we have to treat plants and trees in the most respected way as we owe so much from them.

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