The Far Future of the Universe

The future is filled with uncertainty. However, the future of the universe has been predicted with the help of science.

10,000 years from now

Antares is a red supergiant star and the brightest object in the constellation of Scorpius. It is expected to burst into a supernova that will be so bright that it can be seen in daylight.

100,000 years from now

Due to the motion of stars, the constellations will become unrecognisable.

500,000 years from now

Earth will likely face a climate-altering volcanic eruption or get hit by an asteroid of roughly 1 km in diameter, assuming it can’t be averted, but it won’t cause mass extinction. It is a possible human will be able to prevent it.

10 million years from now

Most species on earth will either go extinct or evolve.

180 million years from now

Earth’s rotation will gradually slow down resulting in one day to be 25 hours long.

240 million years from now

The solar system is traveling at an average speed of 230 km/s; it will complete one full orbit around the Galactic center, the rotational center of the Milky Way galaxy.

600 million years from now

The sun will cause more carbon dioxide to be trapped in the earth’s crust that will make it impossible for 99% of plants to perform photosynthesis. There will be the death of most plant life resulting in less oxygen in the atmosphere, allowing ultraviolet radiation to reach the surface.
Animals would become carnivorous. Flying animals will be in better condition as they could fly to cooler regions. Animals would migrate to poles or go underground. They will become active at night when it will be cooler as there will be intense heat and radiation during day time. Most land will turn into desert, animals, and plants will be primarily found in the oceans.

800 million years from now

Oxygen and the ozone layer will disappear from the atmosphere allowing intense deadly UV light to reach the surface. Some animals in the ocean might survive but all multicellular life will come to an end, which also includes us.

5.4 billion years from now

The hydrogen supply of the sun will get exhausted at its core that will result in it to evolve into a red giant.

7.59 billion years from now

The Earth and Moon will likely be destroyed by falling into the Sun, just before the Sun will reach the tip of its red giant phase.

8 billion years from now

The sun will become a carbon-oxygen white dwarf. At this point, all the planets’ surface temperature will drop rapidly as the white dwarf won’t be emitting much light.

150 billion years from now

The universe’s expansion will cause all galaxies to disappear from our sight, removing them from the observable universe.

110 trillion years from now

After a trillion years stars will stop forming and after 110 trillion years from now, the stars will stop flickering. This will cause the sky to go completely dark.

1 quadrillion years from now

If the earth will be still around it will sink into the black dwarf that used to be our sun.

10^10^40 years from now

The universe will enter the dark era, every physical object will be evaporated. Space will become a void.

10^10^50 years from now

A self-aware entity called Boltzmann Brain will appear due to random quantum fluctuations.

10^10^10^56 years from now

Random quantum fluctuations and quantum tunnelling is predicted to give birth to a new universe, which means there will be Big Bang again, and given that time is infinite, there will be infinite universes. So, I have written this and you have read this with no memory and this will continue to happen for eternity.

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