What are gravitational waves?

Since school days, I fond of science, not because I topped but curiosity about an interesting fact never stopped me.

But science is incomplete without several innovations from different scientists. List of those inventions could not finish.

Today I picked one of them. Yes. The subtitles study of gravitational-waves which came in the world due to their extraordinary study and vision too.

Let’s spread some light on the gravitational waves, their history, and related information.


What are gravitational waves?

Gravitational waves are small wave named as a ripple in space. These waves are invisible and faster than light.


Albert Einstein predicted it’s existence in 1916 and came up with several ideas about gravity and space. He predicted that planets and stars orbit each other. This kind of things cause ripples in space. According to scientists, it’s called gravitational waves.

What is the speed of these waves?

Travel at the speed of light that means 186000 miles per second. Gravitational waves can exist at low frequency. The instruments are not sensitive to detect these waves. Instruments don’t have enough capacity.

The curvature of space-time is determined by the masses and motion of that masses by the curvature. Like a wave, the variation of the gravitational field is transmitted from place to place.

If these masses change with a time then they radiate energy as waves of the curvature of the field.

How frequency, wavelength and light are related?

c=speed of light



The relation is c=λ f

Properties of Gravitational Waves:

  • In curvature spacetime, these gravitational waves create a disturbance.
  • Gravitational waves have the power to penetrate the space but electromagnetic waves can’t do.
  • It transports energy as gravitational radiation similar to electromagnetic radiation.
  • These waves can stretch anything as there pass by it.
  • Gravitational waves are quite easy to hear alike sound waves travel, e.g. water.

(LIGO) 2015: waves were first directly detected in by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory means (LIGO), where LIGO is a physics experiment.


It is so deep. Each scientific thing made by several kinds of observations, mechanisms, experiments and proofs.

These invention and study of waves are vast. Through one point it reached different points.

We just learned in books but we can’t imagine how much efforts they had taken for it. It’s not only science it’s incredible.

Science is magic” !!

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