What is Time Travel? Is it possible?

What is Time Travel? Is it possible?

Do you really think is it possible? Time travel is not yet developed by scientists. Time travel is a concept of traveling back and forward to different points of time; you can say future or past. Actually, Albert Einstein believed that wormholes are supposed to connect two different zones or points of time in space but our scientists haven’t built any wormholes yet. Traveling in future is more possible than traveling in past. We need a machine which is as fast as the speed of light.

Time travel ….. Have you ever heard about this? First of all, what is time travel, what it is supposed to do? The idea of time travel came from where? Ever heard or saw Doraemon’s time travel machine? If yes then my friend you know or you have an idea about it. If it’s not in real or not yet built then is it possible that time travel will build in near future?

Everyone has thought once in their life about time travel so that they could go back and change the past for better future or remove the mistakes they have done or in future to see possible the big changes, modern society or inventions. But the question here lies is time travel possible? Whatever they show us in movies or cartoons are real? Is time travel really that or something different?

So many questions are there unanswered. No worries we will talk about this from the very beginning okay.


What is Time Travel?

Time travel is a concept of traveling back and forward to different points of time. Time travel means a person able to leave the current time or situation and move to or reach a point of time without losing his/her age like in future or in past.

From where idea of time travel came?

Albert Einstein found that if a person is able to travel at a very high speed then the time will slow down for him. In this universe, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, so traveling at a speed close to light would make time run slowly for the people there traveling as time travelers.

Is Time Travel possible?

In 1935, Albert Einstein proposed the existence of shortcuts or bridges in space. He gave a unique name for these bridges or shortcuts as wormholes. He believed wormholes are supposed to connect two different zones or points of time in space; they reduce the time of traveling to the time travel becomes possible.

Means one can easily go to the future through wormholes because then he will travel at the speed of light like from your current situation to 30years ahead with high speed. In space, time runs very slow but in the earth it’s normal.

Wormholes might be able to use a time machine in future. But there is a problem with the wormholes. We don’t know how to make wormholes yet. We probably can’t travel back in time watch caveman or dinosaurs. Traveling to past is almost impossible than traveling to future. Because even if we create a wormhole then you would be able to travel back in time to the moment the wormhole was developed, so this means we can travel to the future rather than past because of wormholes.

Take an example – As per calendar, you will be out in space for only 5 years but in actual those 5 years would have passed more than 50 years in real on the earth. It means in space-time moves very very slowly in comparison to our earth. So whenever the person who went to space returns he would see changed or different earth. If he went to space at the age of 15 and comes back at the age of 20 (according to space where he celebrated only 5 birthdays not according to earth calendar years) then he would see that his all friends have become old and are playing with their grandchild’s.

Scientists have not been able to develop any time machine yet which connects two points of time and travels at the speed of light.  But it is their thought that they will find each and every element of it. Time travel is possible just not in the way it is pictured in movies or cartoons.

Interesting Facts about Time travel

  • Astronauts are time travelers.
  • Time travel to the past is called Retro-cognition. It gives knowledge related to past.
  • Time travel to the future is called precognition. It gives knowledge related to future activities before they happen.
  • Famous scientists Stephan Hawking claimed that time travel was impossible
  • Time is considered as the fourth dimension along with other three which are height, length, and breadth
  • Despite all the difficulties, it is believed by physicists that there are chances of time travel in the future
  • Time travel to past is kind of impossible in comparison to time travel to future. And in this way, retro-cognition is very difficult to prove.

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