What’s the fastest way to alphabetize your bookshelf?

Arranging a bookshelf could be a hilarious task but nothing gives satisfaction than a neatly arranged bookshelf. There are many ways in arranging or alphabetizing a book shelf. Some of the methods ae as follows:


Bubble sort

It is one method of arranging books. From the whole row of books, the first two books are selected and if they are in order, they are kept as it was and if not they are swapped and then this swapping process continues until all the books are in position. This method is also the slowest way of arranging books and also would take more than thousand comparisons in a round. This process would take nine days to complete arranging.

Insertion sort

In this method, books are being compared and swapped within three books continuously until all books are sorted. Fist two books are compared and then the third book is inserted between them as required. It is different from bubble sort method as it does not require comparing every books after every round. It takes comparatively lesser time than bubble sort method.

Quick sort

It is considered as the easiest and fastest way of alphabetizing one’s bookshelf. First a random book is picked from a whole set of books and then the letters which come before it are arranged on its left and the ones which comes after it are arranged to its right. The books on the left and right side are then arranged in the same process. Finally all books are arranged in a very less time. This arrangement would take around three and a half hours only.

This method is so efficient that it is used in programming. For instance quick sort method is used in sorting things in a online store by price.

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