When will the next ice age happen?

When will the next ice age happen?

Dear student, you might have seen snowfall on winter days and have totally loved the weather and the view. Now imagine the Earth fully covered with snow! Isn’t it scary and so cold to imagine!

Today we will discuss ice age and will study several scientific facts related to it.

What is the ice age?

An ice age is a period of extremely cold global temperatures and continuously occurring glacial expansion which lasts for millions of years. Scientists believe that there have been about five significant ice ages in Earth’s history. These global cooling periods begin when a drop in temperature which prevents snow from melting in some areas. The bottom layer turns to ice and becomes a glacier and the weight of collected snow causes it to move slowly in forward direction.

Effects of the ice age

An ice age causes several changes to the Earth’s surface. Glaciers reshape the landscape by combining with rocks and soil and several other particles which comes from the erosion of hills during their unstoppable superfast movement. Simultaneously, the noticeable drop in sea levels enables rivers to come out deeper valleys and make several inland lakes.

The next ice age

Due to the extreme rise in the levels of carbon dioxide, the researchers say that the next ice age is delayed. Carbon dioxide traps heat within the atmosphere, which is preventing the Earth from going into another cooling cycle or the ice age. Human activities have always been harmful to the environment. This is yet another evidence that human activity is destroying the sensitive ecosystem of the planet. These natural processes help the organisms to adapt and transform with the changing climatic conditions as humans have now learnt to adapt and live in cooler conditions.

So, what do think about the next ice age?

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