Where do genes come from?

Where do genes come from?

Genes determine that which features or traits have passed down from a mother and father to their child like our hair colour, eyes colour etc. are some examples of characteristics that are passed from one generation to other. Genes make up the set of instructions that are given to us by our mother and father. These instructions are in almost every cell in very living beings and are stored in DNA. Every person has its unique genes.

Have you ever wondered why you look so much like your parents or so different? You may have matching eyes with your mother or matching hair colour with your father or may look nothing like that at all. It’s all because of genes. A person has 20,000 genes in his/her DNA. All the species have their own genes.

Wondering what exactly is a gene? Where do genes come from?  It’s not that big issue we will solve it. Just go through the simple details below.


What exactly is a gene?

Genes determine that which characteristics or traits or features have passed down from a mother and father to their child. There are many examples of eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, height, even diseases, even sometimes your face matches with your parents face completely or slightly and many other traits are there controlled by genes. It includes all the characteristics that are inherited/ passed from one generation to other generation.

For example- if your both parents have blue eyes, you might inherit same colour blue eyes from them. Genes aren’t just found in humans, every animal and plants also have their own genes.

Where do genes come from?

Each person’s gene is unique unless they have an identical twin. Half of the gene comes from mother and the other half comes from father, who in turn receive their genes from their parents means our grandparents and this lists goes on to our earliest ancestors.

Now me make it more clear or we can say scientific-

Genes make up the set of instructions that are given to you by your mother and father. These instructions are in almost every cell in very living beings and are stored in DNA.

Before knowing about genes lets know DNA first. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. You got DNA from your parents. Nobody have same DNA as you unless you have twin. Your DNA is what makes you. DNA is a large molecule in the shape of a bit like a ladder that has been twisted many times.

DNA is made up of 4 small or tiny building blocks. Each and every tiny building block has got its backbone and a chemical base that is represented by the letters such as A, C, G or T. DNA molecules have 2strands (those strands are called chromosomes) that are joined together complementary base pair. Here, A pairs itself with T and C pair’s itself with G. In this way, these building blocks function together in much larger units that are called genes. Each genes produce specific protein. A complete set of gene is called a genome and a genome is whole set of instructions that build an entire organisms. Every person’s genome (complete set of gene) has the same genes arranged in the same order but sequence in the bases of our genes has differences that make us different from other and unique.

Facts about genes

  • Genes come in different forms, called alleles.
  • There are approximately 23,000genes in the human genomes.
  • Human DNA is 98% identical to chimpanzee DNA.
  • It would take a person typing 60words per minute, 8hours a day and around 50years to type all the human genome.
  • We still don’t know the functions of more than 80% of our DNA.
  • Bananas are actually genetic hybrids.
  • It takes 8hoours for one of your cells to completely copy its DNA.
  • Humans are 99.9% identical only 0.1% of our genetic makeup differs.

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