Why cant you divide by zero?

Zero or ‘0’ is a digit that describes the number in numerals. as a digit zero is used as a placeholder in the place value system. Zero number is the least non-negative natural figure. Number zero is considered at the central line, it is not a positive, not a negative number.

Mesopotamia first concocted zero almost 5000 years before. Sumerian scribes practiced spaces to indicate absence in different lines. the word zero comes from the English language which means “empty”.

Why can’t you divide by zero?

In ordinary arithmetic there divide by zero is undefined. the expression does not have any meaning when we divide by zero. since the number which is multiplied by zero is equal to zero which expression is also undefined. Number zero is undetermination form. any mathematical expression with the number zero is almost non-usable. divide by zero is not infinity, many times the expression is considered as meaningless. no number gives the output as a number.

There is a different approach by IEEE 754 depending on the programming environment and type of zero if we divide by zero it may generate positive or negative infinity. Even if any natural number divided by zero is undefined in algebraic expression, in geometric expression if we take a limited and divide it by zero ten its output tends to infinity but not infinite, because infinity is a very large number that is undefined.

Divide by number in smaller chunks is called a division. Here if we have an example 1/0. then we have to break it into small identical pieces. divide by zero is a number that is very small or undefined. so when we divide zero does not force anything so the original thing stays as it is.it is an infinite number with equal particles.

So the conclusion is that anything divide by zero is infinity where the exception is when zero is divided by zero.

Number zero does not have a multiplicative inverse and infinity is not a real number. anything divide by zero does not exist and one cannot divide anything into zero pieces. even if infinity is multiplied by zero the answer is zero!

In civilization, it was invented to play an independent role. zero also gives an identity to real numbers, algebraic structures, and integers. we cannot count backward with them. zero winds up in the center of the line which differentiates between 1 and -1. This is the major role zero plays in every mathematical and algebraic history. Hence, it holds an important place in every mathematical expression even if it counts the value to empty.

Thus in real life and mathematically it is said that everything starts from zero and ends to zero as zero tends to infinity.it is just a countless number which may consist of a large value or maybe just empty!

Even if it does not contain anything everything starts from zero which gives the evaluation to the citizens and helps to grow, thus number zero plays a vital role in human life and an algebraic expression.

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