Why wildfires are necessary

INPE had reported that about 75,000 fires in the Amazon in 2019, and so far according to the researchers 80% of the wildfires are due to human negligence. Some of the main reasons are

  • Unattended campfires
  • Active cigarette butts
  • Burning debris
  • Fireworks
  • Lightning
  • Volcano eruption

Wildfires are very despoiling and their impacts are calamitous like many animals get killed and survived animals do not get keep up much longer, even despoil all the organic value of the soil, air pollution, and health issues.

Wildfire could be an advantage?

Well, It depends on the way the forests bloom. For example, the serotinous cones, lodgepole, jackpine. One which is covered with resin requires high temperature to pop open and an ambiance activation to free its seeds which are carried by the hot air to build a new forest. Post the fire, carbon-rich sand, and sunlit landscape assist the seeds to sprout swiftly.

A fascinating fact is that even animals depend on fire, in particular, the Karner blue butterfly because lupines will not bloom without a good ecosystem balance and that will not help the caterpillars survive to become a butterfly.  Blazed woods also helps the ecosystem for black-backed woodpeckers, Picoides, etc.

Wildfires are salient for the broad ecosystem because without them reviving the forest species would be strenuous, I.e. this can help to the cycle of regrowth and regeneration in boreal forests especially. It emits valuable nutrients stored in the debris of the forest floor, opening the forest awning to the sunlight that will prompt the growth. Major ecosystems make the most of periodic wildfires, as that clears the dead organic materials.  This process is called Ecological succession.

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