How to Make A Wind Generator?

Wind can be used as energy source. It is renewable source of energy. Wind can be used as continuous source of energy. In present time of energy crisis, it is important to realize importance of energy resources like wind and water. Arvind Gupta, renowned educationist designed a toy from trash to demonstrate use of wind for generation of lit few LEDs.


Material & Tools requried

  • Wooden Block (15X15 cm)
  • Two 500 ml plastic bottles
  • 2 Used DVDs
  • Rubber Glue
  • Scissor
  • Coil with 1000 turns of insulated copper wire
  • Bottle Lid
  • Tape
  • 5 Strong Neodymium Magnets


Step 1 : Stick Tapes around the bottle as shown in the image and cut it using scissor. Discard the lower part.

Step 2 : Now cut the bottle into 12 petals and flatten it by putting some pressure using finger.

Step 3 : Twist Each Petal little to give it curvature.

Step 4 : Now take a bottle lid and make a small hole.

Step 5 : Take a bicycle spoke and glue it from bottle lid with rubber glue.

Step 6 : Now take another lid with similar hole and tape them back to back.

Step 7 : Make 1000 turns of 35 gauge insulated copper wire on a film can bottle and remove coil from inside of copper wire.

Step 8 : Scrape ends and wrap around it.

Step 9 : Remove insulation  and attach LED bulbs.

Step 10 : Spin neodymium magnets in coil to see LED light up.

Step 11 : Now prepare similar 4 copper coil with LED bulbs.

Step 12: Take a cycle spoke perch inside press button.

Step 13 : Stick 500 ml bottle on an old DVD and stick 5 strong neodymium magnets below the DVD.

Step 14: Make a hole in bottle base

Step 15: Stick 4 copper wire coils on another DVD and stick DVD on a wooden frame. Take spoke and press it in bottle lid. Place it in centre of DVD as shown in the picture.

Step 16: Weave bottle through the spoke and perch spoke on press button in lid.

You can also watch a short film on Youtube to watch Wind Generator in Making!

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