Would you opt for a life with no pain?

Do you value yourself when you experience real-life pleasures and pain? Would life be worth living without pain?

Pain is developed so that an organism can comprehend that something is not right with it. If a species is devoid of pain then it is definitely directed to doom. Without pain day to day activities can kill us and finish us off.

A philosopher Robert Nozick invented an Experience Machine that asks to consider a world guaranteeing experiences of only pleasure and never pain but permanently leave reality behind. The experiences will be indistinguishable from reality but the experiment was designed to refute a philosophical notion called hedonism. And according to hedonists, maximizing net pleasure is the most important thing in life.

At the psychological level, pain portrays deficiencies and it must not be ignored, pay heed to it, find the cause, and nip it in the bud. going through pain could be traumatic but acknowledging it can make you realize more eg, the love triangle. It can mirror many of decisions we make. Is there inherent value in real experiences, pleasurable or painful? Nozick’s experiment might not provide answers but it comples to consider if real imperfect life holds some intrinsic value beyond pleasure.

As the line goes “Pain demands to be felt”. Certainly true because if there would be no pain then there will be no gain. It has carved illustrious personalities from common people just like you and me. for example, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Faraday, Hellen Keller, etc. But its just the bad feeling, and we humans don’t like to feel bad. But, pain’s a part of life. Without pain, we wouldn’t know how to value happiness. Emotions are a huge part of life. Pain is an emotion that makes us human beings. As much as I hate to admit this, without pain and tears, life wouldn’t be “life”.It also teaches us many things, happiness perhaps, would’ve never taught us. Pain makes us stronger helps us grow. Thus, sometimes, pain is needed

Deducing, not all that hurts is bad, but Pleasure is the greatest good that life has to offer through pain. Realize that every bit of pain makes us stronger and itisn’t just some horrible curse, it can be a blessing.

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