Category: Basic Science

  • Chemical Effects of Electric Current

    Metals such as copper, aluminium, Graphite are good conductors of electricity. Whereas Non-metals such as plastic, wood etc.. are not a good conductor of electricity. So, it is dangerous to touch an electrical appliance with wet hands as you can get an electric shock. Bismuth is an exception as it is the only metal which […]

  • Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

    Micro-organisms: Living organisms which are not visible through naked eyes are known as micro-organisms. These micro-organisms are present everywhere. Some micro-organisms like fungus on bread can be seen with the help of  a magnifying glass. Micro-organisms are classified into 4 major groups: Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa and some algae. Micro-organisms can live in all types of […]

  • Sound

    How do bones help me hear

    Sound: Sound is a very important part of our lives. Sound is basically the energy made up of vibrations caused by any object or medium. To and fro motion of any object is termed as vibration. The greater is the amplitude the more is the vibration and the louder is the sound. When we speak […]

  • Wastewater Story

    Water that has being used by someone and which is of no use is known as Wastewater. It is of dirty colour and with lots of impurities present in it. It cannot be used for drinking, washing or cooking as it is the waste water. Waste is referred as the substance that has been used […]

  • Why can I jump?

    Why can I jump

    The ability of a person to jump requires not only power but a combination of speed and strength. To jump high we need to beat gravity. Gravity has a speed of about 9.8 meters per second. One should have perfect coordination of the muscles to lift their body in the air. Muscles should have the […]

  • Are plants alive?

    Are plants alive

    Anything that is composed of cells is considered to be a living thing. Since plants and animals are composed of numerous cells, they are both considered to be living. The strongest evidence supporting the fact that plants are living is that they show the same cycle that all living organisms – plants, during their lifecycle, […]

  • Why do plants have flowers?

    Why do plants have flowers

    Since ancient times, flowers have been used by humans as simple decorations as well as for deriving medicines and other beneficial extracts. But what’s the importance of flowers to the plant? Well, flowers play a vital role in the reproduction of plants. They can also feed insects, birds, and animals. Without flowers, all plants would […]

  • Why are leaves green?

    Leaves are the most crucial parts of a plant because they provide food and air for the plant to grow and stay healthy. They are the primary source of food in plants as the leaves are the site to perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process by which green plants, in presence of sunlight, take in […]

  • How do bones help me hear?

    How do bones help me hear

    The Human Ear – a magnificent organ Ears play a vital role as they help us to interact with our surroundings. They are responsible for the sense of hearing and maintaining our body balance. Hearing can be defined as a phenomenon by which sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses which are then sent to […]

  • Why don’t I ever forget to breathe?

    Breathing fresh air is as important as good sleep and nutritious food. Luckily, breathing is an automatic process and we do not have to think about it. It is an involuntary phenomenon in which the oxygen in the air is taken into the lungs and simultaneously carbon dioxide is expelled out from it. We don’t […]

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