Pictorial Alphabet Bingo Boards

Bingo is a fun game, but who knew something so popular and well enjoyed among children can be used for their education as well? We have brought a way for you to do that. These alphabet bingo games are fun for toddlers who are just learning new words and trying those words to make sense in the context of the real world.  Inculcating new words in a child’s vocabulary and polishing it should be the topmost priority for all parents, teachers, and guardians. They need to be familiarised with the meanings of words that may or may not be commonly used in everyday life. These bingo cards give you a chance of doing just that. 

Pictorial Alphabet Bingo Boards and Flashcards

If you are wondering how to use the Alphabet Bingo cards, it’s a fairly easy and simple process.

Print the 7 bingo cards given and the word cards that accompany them at the bottom. Then cut up the word cards as given in their individual boxes. Scatter the word cards on a bed or a table, in an upside-down manner. Ask your toddler to pick up a card without seeing what’s written on it. In case they can’t read it by themselves, help them read out the word. If it’s a new word to them, then this becomes a wonderful opportunity for you to teach it to them. Pay attention, look out for proper pronunciation, spelling, and clear meaning of the word.

Bingo is a collection of very diverse groups of words, each accompanied by graphics. It will take some time for the child to get bored and disinterested. Make sure to make full use of that opportunity. After capitalizing on that learning opportunity, ask them to match the word in their hand to the any of pictures on the bingo cards that they feel correctly represent their word.

 A child slowly and gradually should gain expertise with words and their correct match in bingo. There is no better way of getting a concept deep into a kid’s head than via playing a game with them. This lends a playful aura to study time and transforms learning into a fun and easy activity.

All these colorful graphics provided here, are for accompanying the words so that they can hold on to your child’s imagination for a longer time period. 

These bingo cards are simple to use, presenting a good dimension and definition to studies of a toddler. It’s a handy tool for keeping the kid hooked on the material from the start to finish. But please understand that everything they are learning at this stage of schooling might be simple and easy for adults like you but is an absolutely new experience for your kids. Every kid will take their own time in grasping these new ideas and you need to be patient with them throughout the process.  Don’t expect them to play the whole game on a single day or always give correct answers. A lot of these objects are not available to us in our daily lives, so it is quite understandable, that they are not known to them. Hence, they will consume more time to learn about them.

These flashcards match the pictures in the bingo sheets given above. They are given in order for your convenience, but when playing with your kids, be sure to cut them up and scatter them in such a way that they can guess the answers depending on where each card is placed. Flashcards are very commonly used memory tools. They are especially effective for young kids learning new words. Familiarising your children with the meaning of these words is important, and the best way to do that is by showing them pictures, videos, and stories of these things. Doing so increases the longevity of information in a child’s head and contributes to an interactive learning experience.

Download and print these Bingo sheets and Flashcards for free to help your toddler take their first steps into the vast world of English vocabulary.

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