Sight Words Blue List Flashcards

Sight words are common words that are easy to pronounce and easy to spell. These words need to be inculcated in your child’s vocabulary as early as possible, before they move on to an advanced level of English. The following set of flashcards will help your child memorize new words that they have learnt.

Sight Words Blue List Flashcards

Sight Words Blue List Flashcards Sight Word Flashcards 1

Keeping on reading from a book and solving exercises can become boring and make your child loose interest in the material they are learning. Using flashcards can turn study time into game time. To use this flash cards, you have to download, print the two pages given and cut out each word.

Sight Words Blue List Flashcards Sight Word Flashcards 2

These flashcards will come in handy if you want your child to have a holistic understanding of the English language and identify its use even out of a strictly educational setting. It is important for the child to not only know the words but also have good memory retention and retrieval capabilities.

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