3 tips to boost your confidence

Confidence is having the belief that one is worthy, capable and valuable. A certain boost in energy that makes one optimist about a job that one can perform within his capabilities is confidence. Having confidence makes one act courageously and prepares one to face challenges head-on. Building up your confidence is not an easy job.


Factors That Make One Confident

  1. The genes you are born with take cares of the neurochemicals in your brain.
  2. In what manner you are treated, and what social pressures you have dealt with.
  3. The part that you have your full control over, like the risks and choices you make and what is your way of responding to them.

These factors can be managed; however, at the end it comes to the personal decision that is taken.

Few Tips To Magnify The Confidence You Have In Yourself:

TIP 1: A Quick Fix

  • At times when you face difficult situation, you can picture yourself in the top. Imaging your own success boosts the energy within you.
  • Listening to loud music or music with bass can promote feelings of power.
  • You can even stand tall and pose powerfully and give yourself a pep talk before starting a difficult task.

TIP 2: Believing In Your Abilities To Improve

  • The are certain elements of us which can be fixed or improvised. For example, one is never born with stiff muscle, one has to work everyday in order to get them in shape. These beliefs matter because these make you take challenges. And challenges are nothing but opportunities to learn and grow.
  • One with a growth mindset have connection in his brain that grow stronger with study and practice. Neurologically it is seen that people with growth mindset also have greater success rate and grades.

TIP 3: Practice Failure

  • The road to success has lot of temporary failures in it. Obviously, you are going to fail sometimes like everyone have. We know that JK Rowling was rejected by twelve different publishers, before one took up “Harry Potter”.
  • The story of the Wright Brothers is known to all. They made multiple failed attempts before they finally made the successful airplane.
  • Failing and trying again is better. In this manner one gets stronger and more or less get the idea of challenges and set back that may come in their way. One adapts different strategies, seek advices and persevere.
  • Accepting the mistakes and flaws is an important aspect.
  • And one should always be kind to one own self in order to rise up from the failure.

It should be understood that the focus should not be on the result that one might have after a task, instead it should be on the knowledge and experience that one gets from the challenges faced. And ultimately boosting the self-confidence that is hidden within one own self.

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