A day in the life of a Roman soldier

Before starting the lesson, let us take a moment to thank our army for protecting us every single day. Do you know our army protects us from each and every single external enemy and is the reason we sleep peacefully?

Dear, student today we will learn about the Roman army and the life of a Roman soldier. This is an amazing topic from the history which you will definitely enjoy!

The Roman Army

The Roman army was the stronger than you can ever imagine infact, it was the largest fighting power from the ancient world. It had strongest ever soldiers who were well trained as well as highly obedient. The soldiers were so perfectly trained; they had the best weapons and the strongest armour.

Daily tasks of a Roman Soldier

Soldier in a Roman army had to work continuously as if ready to fight a war the next moment! He had to march 20 miles a day carrying all his armour and equipment and had to swim and even cross rivers in boats, build bridges and make his way into forts conquering, smashing and breaking the walls.

Not just this he also had to build a camp and summing up with some more physical activities. And this was a daily task!

A Roman soldier was very obedient, he always followed all the orders or else strict actions and harsh punishments made their way.

Who was in the army?

Women were not allowed to be the part of the army; the soldiers were only men. There were two main types of Roman soldiers: legionaries and auxiliaries.

The legionaries were remarkably best soldiers.  To be a legionary a soldier had to be over 17 years old and a citizen of Rome. Legionaries had to serve for at least 25 years and they were specially rewarded for their hard work and sacrifices.

Any person who was not a Roman citizen could be an auxiliary soldier.  He was paid less than the legionary soldier. Auxiliaries were assigned to guard forts and they also fought in battles.

The Roman army was so big that it had around 5 lakh soldiers! All of them were so brave and skilful.

Weren’t they amazing? But this is really a tough job!

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