Ant Animal Facts for Kids

Ants are communal insects. This means that they reside altogether in arranged communities known as colonies. There are more than 10,000 different kinds of ant. Ants are established almost everywhere in the globe. They are most general in warm areas.


How do ants live?

These are very communal insects. They reside in really huge colonies which have in reality millions of ants living in them. Most ants make a type of mound that they exist in, which is chiefly in dirt of sand. Some of them are sunning and make use of twigs to make them powerful. Others exist in logs or trees that have cut down.

Different types of ants

Within their colony there are three dissimilar kinds of ants. There is the queen, who actually is the chief and all she functions for her whole life is producing eggs.

The second kind of ant is the male who assist the queen ant to generate these eggs. He doesn’t survive long at all.

The third kind of ant is the female labour. She constructs the mounds and gather food for all those millions of ants living in colonies.

What is the body of an ant made up of?

The ant’s body is built up of three parts that is the head, the trunk and metasoma. Ants have six legs and they are all connected to the trunk. These minute insects have supersonic eyesight. They look really well and that is because they have got bundle of lenses in their eyes.

Ants have antennae’s and these help them hear, taste, touch and smell the things. They generally make use of them to touch one another and communicate to each other in ant language.

Lifespan of Ant

Ants have lived on Earth for more than 100 million years. There are rarely any other kind that have been able to adjust so well in fact to pull through for so long. Ants only get to live  for about 45 to 60 days.

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