Are dragons real?

We all have heard about the dragon and its features in the story books. But do you think they can be found in real? Exact dragon like the story books does not exist, however there can be some real dragon with few characteristics from story books. One example of such is Komodo Dragon.


Komodo Dragon:

  • The scientific name of Komodo Dragon is “Varanus Komodensis”.
  • Komodo Dragon belong to the kingdom Animalia and phylum Chordata.
  • They come under the class Reptilia and order Squamata.
  • Komodo Dragon are the known member of monitor lizard family belonging to the Indonesian Island.
  • The average length of Komodo Dragon is said to be up to 3 meters in length and about 70 kilograms of weight approximately.
  • In terms of food chain, Komodo dragons are said to be apex predators. Apex predators are those who does not have any natural predator.
  • Komodo dragons are typically a carnivorous type of animal.
  • The greatest threat to Komodo dragon is loss of habitat due to human activities or pollution, other causes include natural disaster, change in climatic conditions, etc.
  • Komodo dragon are said to be ectothermic in nature.
  • They are mostly active during day, however they also comprise some of the nocturnal habits.
  • The vision of Komodo dragon is said to be poor at night-time, they are known to distinguish colors but have a low visual quality for stationary objects around them.

Fun Facts:

  1. Did you know, Komodo dragons are known to have their tail as long as their body.
  2. Komodo dragon are found to be blessed with a great smelling power.
  3. Komodo dragons are said to be as a vulnerable species because of their limited numbers and limited places to find them.

Related Questions:

  1. Where can we find Komodo dragons?
  2. What are the characteristic features of Komodo dragon?
  3. What is meant by ectothermic in nature?

True or False:

  1. Komodo dragon belongs to lizard family.
  2. Komodo dragon is an apex predator.
  3. Komodo dragon can be eaten by any animal.
  4. Komodo dragon are endothermic in nature.
  5. Komodo dragon has a threat from other animals.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Komodo dragons are the known member of _______.
    1. Monitor lizard family.
    2. Monitor squirrel family.
    3. Monitor crocodile family.
    4. Nome of the above.
  2. Komodo dragons are ______ in nature.
    1. Endothermic.
    2. Exothermic.
    3. Ectothermic.
    4. All of the above.
  3. Komodo dragons are _______ type of animal.
    1. Carnivorous.
    2. Omnivorous.
    3. Herbivorous.
    4. All of the above.
  4. ______ are present at the top of food chain.
    1. Apex predator.
    2. Primary predator.
    3. Primary consumer.
    4. Secondary predator.
  5. Komodo Dragon comes under the class _______.
    1. Reptilia.
    2. Squamata.
    3. Animalia.
    4. Chordata.

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