At what moment are you dead?

Death is the end of life in an organism. where all biological and living activity of the living thing stop, including the mind and the senses.

One should comprehend life in order to learn about death. Rene Descartes advanced the notion that human body is not contratsing to machines brought to life by creating a soul.

Humans emerged based on biological processes, we are made up of cells,which initiate complex chemical reactions with the use of energy.  Also, life can be gotten through procreation all still under biological processes. It was even claimed that our soul had mass after death, this was done by weighing the body immediately after the demise.

A reason why organisms cant be revived is that our body cells must constantly keep entropy in check by utilizing the energy to maintain molecules in perplexed formation necessary for biological functions to appear. Collapsing of the arrangements when the entire cell succumbs to entropy is what ultimately results in demise

Can’t we be saved?

The body passes through several stages before it initiates to decompose, within minutes of demise the blood begins to settle in the lower most parts of body

  • Pumping air into one’s lungs wont work if the other processes involved in the respitory cycle isn’t functioning anymore.
  • Electric shock from defibrillator doesn’t initiate an insentient heart but it does resynchronize the muscle cells to recover their normal pattern
  • Medical ventilation is used when you possess breathing problems.

All this can prevent one from demise but cannot revive from death. So its all the medical miracles that can help you from death but even this is facile because sometimes it can lead to coma.

Did you know that some animals are known to extend their lifespan  by slowing down their biological processes to a point were they are virtually paused, example eagle, phoenix, etc. even scientists into cryonics are strenuously trying to accomplish this by freezing the person’s molecules and even if its broken it can be revived by swarm of nanobots.

Death is the process of escalating entropy that vandalizes the weak balance of baffled and self-perpetuation organization.

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