Bear Animal Facts for Kids

Bears are huge, strong mammals connected to dogs and raccoons. The largest bears are the world’s biggest animals that reside on land and feed on meat.


Where Bears Live

Bears are established in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. They are frequently originated in mountainous region and woods. The black bear existence is in North America. The brown bear is discovered in North America, Europe, and Asia. The Asiatic black bear survives in parts of Asia. The world’s far northern area known as the Arctic are homeland to the polar bear.

Physical Features of bear

Bears differ in height from about 3 to 10 feet. The sun bear is the miniature species. A specie of Alaskan brown bear well-known as the Kodiak bear is the sizeable bear. It may scale 780 kilograms. A few polar bears are almost that huge.

Mostly bears are primarily brown, red-brown, or black. Some of them have white spotting on the chest or face. The type known as the black bear is in fact brown, blue-Gray, or identical white. The polar bear’s white wool assist it mix in with the Arctic ice and snow.

Bears have wide heads, large bodies, and tiny legs and tails. They have weak eyesight but a fantastic sense of smell. Most species are great at climbing up trees and at swimming.

 Behaviour of bear

Bears are meat eaters which is known as carnivorous. For example, the polar bear feed on seals, walrus, and fish. Eventually, other bears consume a great number of plants as well as animals. They consume roots, seeds, and nuts, in addition with insects, fish, and deer.

Reproduction of bear

Adult bears be inclined to live solo except during the copulate season. A female bear gives birth to one to four cubs at a time. At first instance the cubs are minute, hairless, and powerless. They swallow their mother’s milk for about two months. The cubs stay put with their mother for 18 months.

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