Best Preschool and Childcare in Benalla, VIC (Australia)

Some people say that childhood is the best time when a child can enjoy life without tension and worries such as family, earning, or anything. But sometimes no one can understand the problems and needs of a child. Whether they are living of tension-free life or not. Whether they are getting the things they want or not.

A child is like wet soil and can take any shape given by the parents or by the world. If parents are not able to see their child’s problems or regular activities they should give this opportunity and responsibility to a person or a place who can take responsibility for the child’s regular activities and upbringing.

Every parent must search about the pre-school and take the suggestions from the parents whose children are studying in those preschools or childcare. If you are living in Benalla, Australia, and are confused about the selection of preschool for a little heart, here some preschools are given below for a better understanding of the facilities and education of the schools.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Benalla, VIC (Australia)

1. Gum Nuts Resort Kindergarten

Gum Nuts Resort is a school day preschool and childcare situated in Benalla. The school provides a lifetime experience and memories to children who are studying here and is open for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kindergarten students, kindergarten students, and has an individual summer camp facility also.

The school is a symbol of modern technology and advancement and the ancient morals and values of the ancestors. The students are free here to imagine anything and create their imagination in a safe, loving, caring, nurturing, and friendly environment. This Institute is situated in the lap of mother nature.

Every educator and staff member is fully trained in babysitting, childcare, and early childhood education. They provide their nutritious morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and nappies for the children who require them.

  • Location- 29-31 Carrier Street, Benalla VIC 3672
  • Website-
  • Contact- 03-5762-7699

2. Little Stars Story

Little Stars Story is a progressive and Holistic early childhood education institute that believes in the philosophy that each child is unique and smart according to their needs and interest. When children start to grow physically and mentally, they start to ask thousands of questions and have multiple queries about the world and surroundings.

Parents are busy nowadays and get irritated by their questions, but this institute does not hesitate with any type of question and eagerness. They are ready every time to solve the problem and understand the need of a child. They give a free environment to children for their imagination and creation. They encourage students for not only the academics but the social life too and strengthen their weaknesses.

  • Location- 102 Metella Rd Toongabbie, 2146 NSW Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- (02) 9631 4200

3. Bernard Briggs Kindergarten Inc

Bernard Briggs Kindergarten Inc is committed to the provision of quality and rich kindergarten education and services for the families of the local area and nearby. It is verified and licensed by the North East regional preschool Association and was established in 2003. They believe that children are the bright future of the nation and people know a country by their youth and young generation.

Everyone should get the best early childhood education not only for the early hood but for the future and life also. They always try to formulate and enhance professionalism within the Kindergarten field and are fitted towards perfection in social, cognitive, physical, and any type of skill that is required for the growth of a child. They believe that they are not individuals but a team who is trying regularly to for the improvement of the children and there still get with mind and skills.

  • Location- 72 Church St, Benalla VIC 3672
  • Website-
  • Contact- (03) 5762 1610

4. SmartPlay Benalla

Smartplay Benalla was opened in 2009 team as an Australian Christian College early learners. In the year 2020, they become popular and named as smartly early learners and launched the other two centers at that time. It is a place where every child can learn through play in a safe, engaging, friendly warm, and stimulating environment.

They observe each child individually and work on their social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual areas to master them in every skill and every field. They have various programs such as Long Day Care for the foundation students, long daycare for the 3-year-old students, before and after school care, and summer camp programs. Their motive is that children should be happy and enjoy learning in a safe environment where every child is valued and equal and have some purpose.

  • Location- 21 Sydney Rd, Benalla VIC 3672, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact-  (03) 5764 7850

5. Ride Avenue Preschool

Ride Avenue Preschool was established in 2001 and is open for children of all ages from three years to five years. They have a strong relationship and partnership with the students and their family and have a parents bulletin board where every parent can ask about the improvement and problem of their child and educated can tell them about the problems coming in the field of education for their child.

They deal with the physical growth as well as the academic because if a child is not physically maintained he/she will not be able to concentrate on the studies and social life also. The school have a friendly environment and provide home-cooked meal and snacks to the children twice a day.

They included protein, vitamins, iron, calcium in their home-cooked food as these minerals are required for a child’s physical and mental growth. They have various specialty 20 such as art therapy is school is programs learning environment, spontaneous and creative music, drama, classes dance classes, and communication classes.

  • Location- 15 Ride Avenue Benalla, VIC 3672
  • Website-
  • Contact- (03) 5762 1350

The schools are fully safe and equipped with the facilities that a parent required for their child’s physical, mental, and social health and academic education. These schools are worth enrolling for a child present and as well as for the bright future.

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