Best Preschool and Childcare in Birmingham (USA)

Here is a list of best preschools and childcare for your child to become older with the best curriculums, exciting programs, best learning, good values, and high-quality skills. This will help you a lot knowing about them and their infrastructure too where your child will be safe, secure, enthusiastic, cherished and so happy that will become keen for coming again on the next day as soon as possible.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Birmingham (USA)

1. ABC Child Development Center

The creative curriculum is provided over here because they strongly believe that these tiny toddies are the gift of God and because of them only this preschool is working and is having cherished environment, so keeping this in mind all the individual child is given proper attention and right guidance from each and every teacher to make them fully expert and strong for upcoming stages of life.

They continuously keep children learn and explore themselves because they know children together will take out each other nooks so teachers always try to teach them in a group due to which every child gets to know what they are not knowing and through this they also make new friends and establish the feeling of true friendship and helping the others. With these programs and teachers’ guidance, this preschool is the best one in Birmingham.

  • Location- 1300 Columbiana Rd Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
  • Website-
  • Contact-(205) 533-9381

2. Ardent Preschool and Daycare

The happy and blossomed faces of teachers over here are the first attraction of children because by this they feel safe and secure, then after teachers, the curriculum designed is the second most thing through which children gets attract towards them, and the third one is the infrastructure by which the children remains always neat and tidy. These three are the main part of this childcare.

The teachers in this childcare are having a training certificate too because without it no one can become a teacher over here because they know that here the future is of your’s child, so they are the only first priority in this childcare. The activities include both fun and learning which makes children keen and superior throughout the future. These all efforts of teachers as well as children make this childcare best in Birmingham.

  • Location- 3030 Healthy Way Vestavia Hills, AL 35243
  • Website-
  • Contact- (205) 834-9190

3. La Petite Academy of Birmingham

The daycare motivated with knowing the actual scenario of parents like how to teach them all activities, how to make them a good learners, how to make them establish their thinking and everything like that, so this is always the biggest problem for every parent, seeing this, this daycare has made all curriculums scheduled like providing all moral values, home values, as well as learnings under one roof. This creates children motivation of learning each and everything and they usually learn all with the help of teachers and their hard work.

The daycare is having all trained and experienced teachers for whom these children are gifts of gods that are coming to them for learnings, so they provide their all best support and right guidance to all of them because each one of them know that this is the learning stage and everyone uses to learn things so easily at this level of life. The correct teachings and activities for exploring their thinking and dedication of teachers contribute and make this daycare the best in Birmingham.

  • Location- 5198 Valleydale Rd Birmingham, AL 35242
  • Website-
  • Contact- (866) 205-1395

 4. Advent Episcopal School

The guidance, support, hard work, scheduled time work, good moral teachings, proper dress code, tidy classrooms, and time of snacks are all the best thing happens in this preschool because we all know these are the most important thing a preschool should have and not only teachers but children also contribute in this which makes this preschool one of the best in Birmingham. They together enjoy playing and learning in a group and if one is not getting then other child use to support him/her.

This preschool is very proper and strict towards their curriculum because if they will be punctual the children will learn the real meaning of punctuality. The children are just the blocks of this preschool and for them, the teachers especially use to design the theme-based classrooms and then teaches many things about if like you should waste papers very little as they are made up of trees and deforestation is so high this time so we by ourselves should start conserving the forest and planting more and more trees.

  • Location- 2019 6th Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Website-
  • Contact- (205) 252-2535

5. Hoover KinderCare

The proper guidance is first priority in this childcare because the right guidance leads to the right living and keeping this in mind, all teachers provides the best guidance and support to every child. A nurturing environment is also provided to each of them which keeps children’s indulged in learning new things and exploring their thinking. The childcare use to provide the best quality early education which not only involves learnings but also guidance, moral values, helping parents, small own household works, and self-motivation, as these are the most important thing everyone should follow in their life.

The correct place for your child to get early education is this childcare only because nowadays it is very hard to find the right things under one roof and this is having all you as a parent wants for your child should have. This happy place and established life lessons of this childcare lead children to become and very developed people throughout life.

  • Location- 3160 Old Columbiana Rd Hoover, AL 35226
  • Website-
  • Contact- (205) 719-6257

6. Levite JCC

This is childcare which is having the best ever joined desk benches through which there is no chance of children to fall. The correct place where your child will learn the basic skills like- becoming mentally strong, intellectually strong, emotionally strong, intellectually strong, cognitively strong, coordinatively strong, and socially strong, these the basics that everyone should learn from childhood because this is the only key of success as the learning of school or childcare can lead us to highest point but also the right guidance and well-developed skills can lead everyone to the highest points.

The support of teachers is unconditional because they find themselves in between their own children as they know children’s smile is the biggest happiness a teacher should ever get. They all are certified and are trained and know very efficiently how to handle each individual child of different natures. This is also the best childcare in Birmingham.

  • Location- 3960 Montclair Rd Birmingham, AL 35213
  • Website-
  • Contact- (205) 879-0411

7. Highlands School

This is a preschool where children are provided with nurturing environment and cherished air and atmosphere as there are beautiful trees all around under which the children can play as well can feel the fresh air of those trees. The blossoming trees are present in the playground which attracts children more towards themselves and due to which children remain happy the whole day.

The high ratio of teachers for every group of children is beneficial for each of the individual children because by this they get proper attention and all best learnings. The classrooms are having rounded corners and are not pointed by which there is no chance of children getting hurt or injured. This is also the best preschool in Birmingham.

  • Location- 4901 Old Leeds Rd Birmingham, AL 35213
  • Website-
  • Contact- (205) 956-9731

8. Odyssey Child Development

This is a daycare that is so supportive for all the children as they know that small kids only need love, affection, attention, and care, so over here the teachers use to provide this best services and children by this gets happy and learns thing so fastly and easily. The safest place is all were in this daycare because children should feel safe in every place they are so keeping this in mind the curriculum is designed that the natural sunlight and fresh air use to enters every were in the daycare premises.

This is having the best teachers who are very attractive and know how to snatch the children’s minds and make them concentrated. The right values for home are also taught over here like how to brush, how to dress properly, how to walk, how to sit, how to talk even they are your elders or younger, how to behave in front of others, they should help their mother in small works, they should keep their shoes and socks properly and all life lesson is taught in this daycare which makes it the best in Birmingham.

  • Location- 401 Emery Dr Birmingham, AL 35244
  • Website-
  • Contact- (205) 988-8829

This was the list of best preschools and childcare in Birmingham where your child will be nurtured in the best environment and where they will be getting all the right values for their upcoming life.

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