Best Preschool and Childcare in Darwin, NT (Australia)

Are you looking for the best Preschools and Childcare in Darwin, NT, Australia? Are you thinking about the curriculum they provide? Are you worried about the transportation and food facilities? Are you tensed about the environment? Is your child all set to join in their new school? Are you scared about the security of your kids?

These are the most common questions that parents go through selecting the first school for their children. As a parent, they are highly responsive to keep their children in right hands to give them best nourishing care.

Preschool and Childcare are the most important phases in the lives of children. Children will be grown in these phases both mentally and physically. They will get to know about the value and importance of everything.

After reviewing all the preschools and Childcare, we found a few of the appropriate schools for your children.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Darwin, NT (Australia)

1. Milestones Early Learning Darwin City:

Milestones Early Learning Darwin City provides admissions for children whose age ranges from infants to 5 years. Baby nursery, toddler care and Kindergarten programs are provided. Best teachers are employed to take care of the children.

Children will develop social connectivity, emotional confidence and foundational learning. They also will get to know the importance of mental and physical health. School readiness is taught to them.

STEAM concepts are introduced for the children. Sustainability programs are conducted for making the children know the importance of greenery and nature.

  • Location- 34 Daly St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61 8 8981 7171

2. Mitchell Street Child Care Centre

Mitchell Street Child Care Centre enrols nursery, Kindergarten and toddler care admissions for the children. Children will be grown in a safe, warm and stimulating atmosphere. Classrooms are spacious and comfortable for the children.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided for the children which are cooked in the presence of master chefs. Teachers are very friendly and interactive with the children. They will help to fulfil all the needs of children.

Summer camps, field trips and tours are scheduled in the curriculum. These will bring enthusiasm and joy for the children and they will also get much chance to learn about new things.

  • Location- 127 Mitchell St, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61 8 8981 3408

3. Wanguri Preschool

Wanguri Preschool provides admissions for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of their age. The school aims to prepare the children strongly and independently for the upcoming challenges in their life. Children will understand the responsibilities they need to face in future.

A canteen is present on the campus which is filled with healthy foods in. Teachers are highly qualified and trained about teaching the children in the best ways. Enhanced learning techniques are provided.

The curriculum involves many wide ranges of activities. Parents can get to know about the children activities through the live streaming classes and also apps.

  • Location- 46 Gsell St, Wanguri NT 0810, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61 8 8927 1655

4. Journey Early Learning Centre

Journey Early Learning  Centre provides infant care, pretoddler care, toddler care, prekindergarten and Kindergarten care programs for the children. After school care is also available. The curriculum involves STEAM education.

Teachers are passionate about bringing changes in the children by explaining things in an understandable way for them. They will get the opportunity to discover their talents and skills by exploring the outside world.

The play area is situated which is very helpful to make the children fit and healthy. The curriculum includes music, arts, dance, language and literacy.

  • Location- 29 Packard Ave, Durack NT 0830, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61 8 8986 7557

5.  Little Flyers Childcare

Little Flyers Childcare caters for admissions for children from their infant age to preschool age. Management embraces the children as an image of independent and confident individuals. Teachers always strive to develop confidence and commitment in them.

Air-conditioned classrooms are present. The curriculum is set based on every child individual capability and interests. Enrichment programs are conducted regularly. Children are taken to field trips and tours to understand everything.

This childcare is one of the best childcare in Darwin. Parents love to send their children to this childcare. Children will feel like a second home here.

  • Location- Osgood Dr, Eaton NT 0820, Australia
  • Website-
  • Contact- +61 8 7970 0150

These are a few of the best Preschools and Childcare in Darwin, NT, Australia which provides the best early education programs and affordable education for the children.

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