Best Preschool and Childcare in Des Moines (USA)

Are you in the tense mood for taking the right decision for your child to develop holistically and are searching for the best preschools and childcare in Des Moines where your child will get proper treatment? So, now you don’t have to worry more about it because there is a list is given below which will help you to select the best education place for your child. In this list, the details are about their development, their infrastructure, their curriculum, their staff, their facilities, and many more. Also if you are having more queries or want to ask more questions then you can directly contact them through the given contact details.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Des Moines (USA)

1. Cadence Academy Preschool

This pretty preschool is decorated like a happy fun place because children will get attracted to it and they will enjoy coming over there. This happy preschool is having a well-maintained curriculum that consists of all-rounder activities and programs which will help your child to get fully developed. This preschool’s main motto is happy learning means everlasting learning because they know if a child will learn in a happy mood then they will remember it for so long and if they will get bored while studying they will never ging to grasp things properly for so long.

This awesome preschool is best in Des Moines because of the certified teachers and encouraging facilities of this preschool. The environment created for children is safe, secure, and highly nurturing which will help your child develop holistically with very few problems and more and more exploration.

  • Location- 1809 Grand Avenue West Des Moines, IA 50265
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 989-6844

2. Childtime of Des Moines

The childcare is established in a wonderful place all around which is not having any kind of industries nearby by which the bad air can ever come in that area, the well maintained and greatly decorated classrooms fo this childcare is best for the children to feel relaxed and enthusiastic whole day. The childcare is having many toy rooms that are having different toys and bicycles also they are having jumping ropes, balls, rings, and much more equipment for children to play with as well as to become physically strong and fit.

This childcare is having neat and clean premises that are sensitized after every period and they are very punctual towards following the classrooms activities and scheduled programs, so by this habits of teachers, children also learn to become punctual man throughout their life. This childcare is also the best one in Des Moines.

  • Location- 610 Center Street Des Moines, IA 50309
  • Website-
  • Contact- (844) 850-1985

3. Montessori Children’s Center

This happy and cheerful daycare of Des Moines is having super-designed curriculums for all children individually to enjoy and to do those activities which they love the most. This cherished and enthusiastic way of children while learning keeps teachers satisfied too that their hard work and dedication is coming in help for small children. They always teach children to follow the right paths and never to disobey their parents because parents are the only one who loves us the most and always thinks for our benefits.

The bright sunlight every early morning use to enter children’s classrooms wi=hich will never be going to make children deficient because of Vitamin-12 because the morning sunlight is so healthy and effective that is why they have designed classrooms in such a way that every individual child should get proper morning sunlight. The right guidance is always provided to children to grow and to nurture properly because children are the only first priority for teachers and then anything else.

  • Location- 8509 Alice Ave Clive, IA 50325
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 278-4262

4. Pleasant Hill KinderCare

This enormous and vast support of this childcare makes every child very confident and a great explorer because of whom they always learn new things and they get chance of doing whatever activity they want to do. This childcare is providing the services to children as well as their parents for so long and are giving the correct form of learnings which makes children develop holistically and minded and ensure that your child will definitely be going to become a successful person.

The super excited teachers become so happy after seeing the tiny toddies in the childcare because for so many years this childcare is only due to children’s love and their feeling of affection. The teachers are trained and then given the position of handling the children because happy and trained teachers are the only one that can handle children more effectively than anyone else. Over here, they ensure you never take worry or tension for your child because they are in the safest and nurturing atmosphere ever.

  • Location- 1425 Copper Creek Dr Pleasant Hill, IA 50327
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 212-4985

5. New Horizon Academy

The love, affection, care, and supportive teachers are handling this preschool for so long as they are experienced and are certified and they unconditionally teachers every individual child because the child’s happiness is their happiness. The motivation stories consisting of moral values are taught every day to make children’s soul a cherished one and caring one, the bright morning with quite hot snacks keeps all the children so happy that be seeing them each and every single teacher get more excited and super happy.

The playground with so many different toys is the main reason for the attention of children’s and big trees shadows are a relaxing point for them after playing. The playground has borders of beautiful flowers trees through which they generally use to remember the names of colors, counting the petals, and differentiating between big trees and small trees, also the difference between the plats and trees. This preschool is the best one in Des Moines.

  • Location- 450 SW 9th St Des Moines, IA 50309
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 282-4229

6. 8th Street Child Care Center

This is the most affectionating childcare for the children due to its themed decorated classrooms and highly clean and tidy services. This childcare is proving all services to develop the children’s skills like- developing emotionally, intellectually, socially, mentally, and coordinatively. The right path of today’s will lead your child to the right path of tomorrow.

This childcare is having a swimming pool and small tricycles for children to learn driving also they have well-established curriculums which are different types of activities and all-rounder development programs. This is also the best childcare in Des Moines and the teachers of this childcare are having too proud of being part of this childcare.

  • Location- 907 8th St SW Altoona, IA 50009
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 967-5363

7. Generation Next Child Development Center

The ensuring teachers of this childcare will take proper care of your child in nurturing environment of childcare, the rightly established curriculum is designed for children to follow individually and is designed by taking proper care of each of them and providing those activities which are suitable for them and can grasp it easily according to their ages.

This childcare is having transport system services that ensure that your child will be safe and will reach home securely. The happy environment of this childcare is nurturing one and also they provide the snacks and meals on scheduled time because children should be given proper diet each day for their development and should be treated like they are special which will keep their mind feel happy and their soul, relaxed.

  • Location- 6109 Merle Hay Rd Johnston, IA 50131
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 252-6109

8. Kingdom Kids Academy

The curriculum is scheduled in this preschool by discussing with principals as well as with every staff member and by their contributions they use to create an innovative and unique curriculum for the children to explore themselves and to become more and more a great good learner. This is also the best preschool in Des Moines.

This preschool is having a big building where children are having different classrooms of every differently aged children where they can nurture properly and can establish their feeling of innovation. Over here teachers create activities in which he’s children to develop their self-confidence and they together create a group in which they can play all together can develop feelings of helping, caring, and loving, and develop their speaking skills.

  • Location- 1300 8th St West Des Moines, IA 50265
  • Website-
  • Contact- (515) 225-6252

This was the list of the few best-ever preschools and childcare in Des Moines where you will be getting all services that you want for your children to get also they will get proper attention and guidance as each of these are the best in Des Moines.

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