Best Preschool and Childcare in Dundee (Scotland, UK)

Searching for a preschool for your child? Then here are some of the best preschools around here, which might help you a little in the process of choosing the best nursery for your child.

Preschool is not only a place where they get to learn, but it is also a place where the children can interact with others and get to understand their surroundings a little better. They get to develop emotionally, intellectually and socially.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Dundee (Scotland, UK)

1.  University of Dundee Day Nursery

  • Location- 8-10 Airlie Pl, Dundee DD1 4HJ, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1382 345188
  • Website-

All children below 5 years are provided high-quality education here. The staff appointed are highly trained and skilled in this particular field. The nursery mainly aims to train and prepare the children for primary education without having any fear in their minds. They make sure the children are well aware of the surroundings around them and have a certain well of knowledge about it.  The children here will get a vague idea as to how the school in future might be, the structured setting, the routine, etc. The staff are always encouraging kids to explore more and learn new things. The nursery tries to make the child reach their full potential. Food being an integral part of human life they make sure the children eat healthily and remain safe.

2. Dundee Nature Kindergarten

  • Location-Dundee Technology Park, Explorer Rd, Dundee DD2 1EG, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1382 561477
  • Website-

The nursery admits children of age group between 0years to 5years. The nursery places an important role on every child as they not only teach the kids but the staff has a very close relationship with every child and make memories as well. The nursery believes in instil strong morals and beliefs, which helps them build a better character and personality.

The nursery welcomes everyone with equal amounts of respect and warmness, they make the child as well as the child at home and ease. They teach the kids about the importance of having a good bond with others. They conduct a lot of activities like cooking, growing vegetables, caring for pets, etc.

3.  Busy Bees At Dundee West

  • Location-Thomas Wise Pl, Dundee DD2 1UB, United Kingdom.
  • Contact-+44 1382 641577
  • Website-

The nursery provides high-quality education to children up until 5 years. The nursery is situated between all the nature, and since it is, the kids learn all about nature and the importance to conserve it. The team strives to create a stimulating environment where all the kids can grow to be better in life.  The staff of the nursery pays attention to every kid and are always supporting the children to grow and learn something new every day. The nursery conducts a lot of activities for the kids to explore and learn all the things around them, the nursery makes sure the kids know and understand their surroundings better.  They also provide a healthy diet which helps the kids stay fit and strong. They also provide regular updates to parents about their child, do they can feel at ease after dropping the kids off.

4.  Happitots Nursery Brought Ferry

  • Location- Belsize House, Belsize Rd, Dundee DD5 1NF, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1382 737935
  • Website-

The nursery provides education to children in the age range of 3 months to 5 years. The nursery consists of well experienced and trained teachers who can help the kids grow and explore throughout the journey.  The staff are well invested in each of their journeys, they conduct a lot of id activities which will help widen their thinking ability and also stimulate. They take the kids outdoors so they can learn about nature and learn to respect it. They also give regular updates to parents about their child and their recent development. They also feed them food that is rich in proteins and nutrients, which is going to keep them healthy.

5.  Mini Monkeys Nursery

  • Location- Brunel Rd, West Gourdie Industrial Estate, Dundee DD2 4TG, United Kingdom.
  • Contact- +44 1382 624312
  • Website-

The nursery is for children of age group 1 month to 5 years.  The nursery provides a warm and welcoming environment for the kids to be happy and growing, they try to create a positive environment as it will behave an impact on their lifestyle. They conduct a lot of activities in which their brain stimulate and comprehend everything around them in a better way.

They do the kids with confidence which helps them in future as they will shortly be attending primary school. The nursery teaches the kids some basics of mathematics, reading and speech skills. They also provide food which is fresh and healthy. They teach the kids to be polite, friendly to everyone. They also give parents timely updates about their kids so that they can also help the child at home and have extra benefits.

6. Little People Nursery Dundee

  • Location-42 Baird Ave, Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee DD2 3TN, United Kingdom.
  • Contact-+44 1382 811838
  • Website –

The nursery provides high-quality education till the age of 5 years. In this nursery, they highly promote positive behaviour and teach the kids to respect. The nursery believes in having solid values and morals helps the child grow into a great individual in future. They offer a wide range of activities which help their brian stimulate and do better than before. They also are well equipped with all the latest equipment to help the kids get the better end in case of education.

The staff provide extra attention to kids whenever they are enabled to figure something out by themselves. They teach the kids to be independent and teach them to do all the things themselves. They also give timely updates to parents about their recent developments. Food being one of the top priorities, they provide food that is high in nutrients and proteins to keep them healthy.

These are the best preschool that might provide your child with the needed grooming for their future. For more info contact the nursery and find out which is better suited for your child.

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