Best Preschool and Childcare in Glasgow (Scotland, UK)

Glasgow is a beautiful and populous city in Scotland , United Kingdom. If you are residing here with your family and looking for a perfect pre school for your child, we can be a great help to you by providing you with the list of some of the best preschools and childcare centres in Glasgow.

Pre schools hold immense importance in shaping child’s personality by teaching them basic habits, early moral and ethical values ,communication and social skills and promoting social interaction.

So here are few pre schools and child care centres which have set high benchmarks amongst the residents in Glasgow ,Scotland.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Glasgow (Scotland, UK)

1. Renfrew Street Nursery School

Situated in the Garnethill area of Glasgow, this school’s main aim is to teach all children of different religion, belief under one roof. The nursery focuses on education of children aged between three to five years old. Free lunch is available to young kids and eating habits is taught to kids through circle gathering and pool lunch . Independent and smooth learning of each child is encouraged. Participation of children in activities like baking, dancing, painting ,drawing and singing is encouraged. Nursery also has planning wall in each room to promote child’s learning interest and develop child’s personality. The preschool has interesting time table with studies and play so that child remains alert and interested throughout the working hours of the school.

  • Location – 256 Renfrew St, Glasgow G3 6TT UK
  • Website-
  • Contact- +441413323236

2. West End Montessori Preschool

Started in 1956,West End Montessori Preschool excels in providing outstanding and excellent early education to young kids aged two to five years so that when they go to school, they feel confident. This preschool provides friendly environment where enthusiastic children learn Lessons while having fun. Extra curriculum activities includes yoga ,drama, dance ,music classes have special emphasis. Children are taken for visit to art galleries, museums, parks, libraries , zoo, exhibition, science centres so that they do not feel bored with regular time table.

Highly skilled educators focus on each and every child so that they gain immense confidence to face the outside world and can be good citizens of the country.

  • Location- 23 Park Circus Glasgow G3 6AP United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +441413324848

3. Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens

Established in 2009 , this preschool is striving hard to make early education interesting through outdoor activities so that Young kids can get outside exposure on adventure. The best part is more that 80 percent of child’s time is spend outside the walls of classroom. The kindergarten provides access to snack, raincoat in case of rainy day, drinks. Children don’t free bored and feel like coming everyday . Children get exposure of Nature at a very young age. Apart from studies, they are taught painting, skiing , dancing.

This unique way of making children learn has got positive response and reviews not only from children but also from parents.

  • Location- 5 Mansewood Rd Glasgow G431TW United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +448447365865

4. Headstart Nursery

This school has been offering outstanding and remarkable preschool and childcare education to young children aged between two weeks to 5 years. Highly skilled, cooperative and experienced educators work on developing child’s social and communication skills through interactive sessions , playful seminars and activities. Sporting skills like ball playing is given immense importance. Staff is highly cooperative and teachers teach in in unique way so that kids grasp and learn quickly. Kids are taught about the importance of cleanliness, health and hygiene such as washing hands,sitting correctly.

Morning sessions are from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and afternoon sessions from 1:00 PM to 6:00PM and lunch hours are 12 noon to 1:00 PM. The school runs from Monday to Friday.

  • Location- 20 Lawrence St ,Glasgow G11 5HF United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +441413373145

5. Adelphi Nursery

     This nursery provides a holistic and learning environment to your child where immense importance is given to health and hygiene. Cultural and family values are taught to young children which remain with them in their entire life. Children are given exposure to science, social studies, religious education and art. Experienced teachers encourage children to ask questions, solve riddles and puzzles, tell stories so that they learn to communicate confidently without any hesitation.

Parents are continuously updated about child’s progress which is the best part of this preschool. Children celebrate birthdays and cultural festivals like Christmas together which promotes child’s social development. They learn to make friends.

  • Location- 40 Waddell CT ,Glasgow G5 0QA United Kingdom
  • Website-                                     
  • Contact- +441414291474

6. Little Stars Nursery

This preschool is known for providing excellent early education to children from birth to five years. Professional educators strive hard to encourage intellectual development of each child. The preschool has diversified curriculum where each activity of child like identification of colours, shapes, ball playing is given importance . Commitment of teachers and holistic environment ensures that each child is given special care so that they feel safe and confident.

Preschool opens at 8:00AM. Pool gathering, circle lunch, educative visits to museum and planetarium and cultural dance is also part of curriculum. The school believes every child is unique and lighthouse of the world and has capability to bring a positive change in the world.

  • Location- 3 Brand PI, Glasgow G51 1DR United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44141 427 0020

7. Munro House Kindergarten

This Preschool provides challenging and homely environment where young kids are taught while playing. The progress of each child is monitored on daily basis. Specially designed Disney clubs and baby rooms focus on giving social exposure to young kids where that watch their favourite superhero movie and make new friends. Apart from education, children learn early habits like respecting others, caring animals, washing hands before eating,eating correctly.

The pre school runs an enriched program from Monday to Friday and special classes on weekdays.

  • Location- Unit 4 , Munro Business Centre Glasgow G13 2UW United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 141 959 8885

8. Southside Daycare

Southside Daycare is a  nursery based school in Nitshill, run by local people in the community. The staff members are fully qualified with SVQ childcare certificates and are continuously training to provide the best care and support for the children as they are the life line of the school. It is a non-profit organisation, the school puts entire earnings back into the nursery to ensure that the children have the care and resources they need. The school provides multi-purpose and advanced facilities to cater to children of different ages: 15 seats for children aged between 6 weeks and 2 years, 21 seats for children aged 2-3 and 36 seats for children aged between 3-5.

The pre school operates between 8am to 6 pm frim Monday to Friday every week. The pre school provides with wonderful facility of paying for flexible hours where the child can study rather than fixed hours which is majorly practiced in schools.

  • Location- Museum Business Park, Woodhead Rd, Glasgow G53 7NN, UK.
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0141 881 4888

9. Kelvin nursery school

Kelvin Park nursery school is a multi-racial and non-denominational nursery. It is situated in the West End of Glasgow next to Kelvingrove Park. This nursery school opened in 2011 and it shares a campus with Hillhead Primary School.  The school celebrates the great social, cultural, religious, diversity of families who make up the life of the premises. The school is an open friendly, inviting, interesting place of discovery, learning and exploration, where everyone is respected and valued. The main focus is on nurturing the children’s curiosity and creativity in all areas of the curriculum. When the child’s stays in the premises it is ensured that the child is happy and successful.

At Kelvin Park, everyone works collaboratively with parents and other agencies to meet the needs of the children and their families.

  • Location- Hillhead Primary School, 110 Otago St, Glasgow G12 8NS, United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0141 339 7513

10. Carmunnock Pre-School Nursery

Carmunnock Pre-School Nursery is a school which provides nursery setting education for up to 24 children aged between 3-5years. It is based in Carmunnock in the South Side of Glasgow, Scotland and is surrounded by greenry all around.

The Nursery school is run by a Management Community committee, which consists of volunteer parents/ community members. The preschool operates in partnership with Glasgow City Council to provide pre-school education from 3 years old until children attain school age. The school is registered member of Early Years Scotland and are also it is a registered Scottish Charity No SC000543.  The staff at the school is also registered with the Scottish Social Services Council.

The school offers 1140 hours and the opening hours are:

8.30am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday every week.

  • Location- Carmunnock Pre-School Nursery Castlemilk Hall 106 Waterside Road Carmunnock Glasgow G76 9DT
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0141 644 4890

These are some of the pre schools that have best parents rating for providing safe, healthy, holistic, homely environment and quality education in Glasgow, Scotland . Pre schools are the first and basic step to build, nurture and mould your child’s personality. These pre schools have new, creative and flexible methods and ways to teach your child early habits and communication skills to help in all round development from a very young age through indoor and outdoor activities. These preschools believe every child is special and unique in his own way.

And these qualities make them the best pre schools in Glasgow .

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