Best Preschool and Childcare in Lakeland (USA)

Finding a preschool or childcare is one of the best and long-lasting decisions that you can make as a parent to get your kid fundamental knowledge about education and social importance. Caretakers are well trained to support children in their childhood in the absence of their working parents. This segment will help to make the decision of selecting the best choice for kids in Lakeland city.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Lakeland (USA)

1. Treehouse Preschool Academy

This facility was established in August 2008 and are having the vision to provide the desired quality of education and a safe environment for two children in their childhood. There are at most priority is to ensure the safety of each and every child in the school with giving access to all the materials and equipment to its children to learn new things and explore their own talents. The curriculum is designed for children between the ages of 1 year to 6 years.

There are certain additional services that are offered by the school for instance mathematical literacy, preparing for formal education and ensuring daily brain-stimulating activities. Also, provide extracurricular activities like sports activities, gardening and cooking.

  • Location- 1115 E Memorial Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-687-8733
  • Fees- 1000-1400 $/week

2. Precious Children in the Highlands

This organisation have a missing to provide a quality and energy drink environment to its children and it was established in 2007. The preschool serves children between the age of 6 weeks to 5 years offering different programs as per the age and extracurricular additionally. This school is accredited by NAC and this school is a subsidiary of the church in the Highlands.

Qualified caretakers and teachers are there two Lookout kids and provide them with certain life skills like academic, social, cognitive, language and mathematical. After school clubs are also organised to engage children in different activities live sports activities, art and craft and gardening. They also offer to drop off services as per the demand of a parent and in addition to that meal, programs are also offered to students.

  • Location- 1010 Lake Miriam Drive, Lakeland, FL 33813
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-646-3121
  • Fees- 900-1400 $/week

3. Little Sprouts Preschool

With several years of experience in fostering children, this school has been awarded by the authorities to be the best child care centre in Florida in 2019. The curriculum is totally designed for children between the age of 1 year to 5 years in which they are provided with an education based on experimental learning including VPK programs. This institution is also breastfeeding friendly centre caretakers are given sufficient training to handle breast milk for infants and to treat them.

The organisation always have given lessons about hygiene as well as they have design sufficient spaced classrooms for students with a religious bent environment and extremely caring teachers. They also provide extracurricular activities to students with certain meal programs to fulfil their body’s nutritious needs.

  • Location- 926 S Tennessee Ave, Lakeland, FL 33803
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-937-8420
  • Fees- 800-1300 $/week

4. Little Shephards School

This organisation have a well-established facility in Lakeland city, it provides high-quality education to the kids of the city at a reasonable cost with certain extracurricular activities to develop their academically and socially. The curriculum is designed on experimental learning and it is especially for children between the ages of 1 year to 6 years.

Teachers and qualified caretakers are trained to support them well in their early days and provide them with lessons of social and academic importance. Extracurricular activities like sports activities, dance, yoga sessions are also organised on the school premises. Spacious playgrounds and rooms are provided for indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Location- 175 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland, FL 33801
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-616-9196
  • Fees- 800-1200 $/week

5. Small Wonders Pre-School

This organisation in Lakeland city has been one of the favourites for the parents since they provide high-quality education at a reasonable cost full time with a year-round program. The session usually starts at 7:00 a.m. In the morning. The curriculum is for children between the ages of 1 year to 6 years in which lessons to learn positive attitude, awareness of God, building character, academic skills and people skills are included.

The school is surrounded by natural beauty inside which children are given lessons and support to build a connection with nature. They also have a spacious playground in which has certain joyful types of equipment to play and learn. Drop-off services are provided to parents who demand them.

  • Location- 4777 Lakeland Highlands Rd, Lakeland, FL 33813
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-619-5885
  • Fees- 800-1200 $/week

6. Early Childhood Learning Center

This organisation was established several years ago with the vision to provide high-quality education to children of the city and nurture them with proper skills. The curriculum is totally designed for infants toddlers children up to the age of 6 years. Teachers and caregivers are provided to children to provide a cosy warm and trust experience environment to thrive.

The curriculum is designed on the principle of verbal interaction and conversation, providing gross motor skills, visual stimulation lessons, encouraging exploration, music classes and giving self-feeding dresses with nutritious meal programs. Children are also provided several types of equipment like soft toys, books, colours, paint, and worksheets to enhance their academic skills with some extracurricular activities

  • Location- 1703 Skinner St, Lakeland, FL 33801
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-687-0070
  • Fees- 800-1200 $/week

7. Little Einstein’s Preschool

This organisation is situated in the city centre near Combee Rd. Their mission is to provide a safe and computer comfortable environment to learn and grow in a prosperous way. The school is designed for accessing easily even for children and their parents and it is totally equipped with desks chairs interactive boards soft toys and other extra-curricular types of equipment to induce their talents and interests.

The curriculum is totally designed for infants and up to the age of 4 years and this premises can accommodate around 15 children at a time. They also offer VPK education to provide full-time care to add some additional cost.

  • Location- 3034 Atlantic Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 863-937-8264
  • Fees- 800-1200 $/week

This is the list of top schools that give high-quality education and highly qualified caretakers for your kids at a reasonable cost. For more information about the preschool, services visit the website.

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