Best Preschool and Childcare in Lubbock (USA)

The importance of pre schools and child cares in an infants or toddlers life can’t be emphasized enough. Many researchers and scientific studies over the years have proved that the age from birth to 5 years is the most crucial time for development child’s brain and personality. The children are taught to follow discipline, Schedules and timely activities in the schools. Along with academic development, children learn social manners, communication skills, surviving in groups, friendly encounter with new kids, and also make them kindergarten ready.

If you live in Lubbock (USA), and his parents are worried about finding a good preschool or childcare in your locality for your little baby, you are at the right place. Here we are listing some of the best pre schools and child cares in Lubbock who will  contribute to making a strong foundation for your kid’s future.

List of the Best Preschools and Childcares in Lubbock, USA.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Lubbock (USA)

1. Ivy brook Academy

IvyBrook Academy is solely committed to embrace your little kids’ mind and offer them a world full of opportunities to grow and succeed. They provide half- day classes that are professionally designed to look after the needs of each and every child. They have an extended variety of multiple sessions, keeping in mind the needs of every family in their locality. The school celebrates each and every child’s personal interests, approach towards various things and their curiosities. Everyone is paid the equal amount of attention to ensure their growth. The curriculum is multi- sensory and discovery based so that the children get to explore and discover their multi dimensional interests and passions.

Their curriculum has the following programs-

  • Toddler pre school
  • Preschool for 2 year old’s
  • Preschool for 3 years old’s
  • Pre school for 4 year old’s
  • Transitional Kindergarten Program
  • Preschool Enrichment Program
  • Summer Camp

The school is  guided by the Reggio Emilia approach of Montessori and Multiple Intelligence research.

  • Contact- (806) 370-1030
  • Location- 8717 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock, TX 79424
  • Website-

2. A New World Christian Learning Center Inc

“A safe heaven where your child can prosper”

A New World Christian Learning Centre guarantees your child’s development and growth within their Christian environment school. They enroll children within the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years old and provide them with best facilities, activities add childcare. The school also provides an efficient transportation system that can pick up your child from your doorstep if you are unable due to your busy schedules. The parents are also allowed an extended hours care if a prior notice is given to the school.

You can be assured that your child is in a safe environment in the school. The whole school premises is properly equipped with surveillance cameras and the professionals here are CPR and first aid certified. The children are also allowed in playgrounds for physical activities which are also properly taken care of and secured with all safety measures. The children are fed who my friend cooked snacks and meals which ensures their health.

Their curriculum focuses On age appropriate activities that are stimulating and tailored  according to a Child’s developmental stage. No child is burdened with the pressure of advance learning. They are encouraged to learn peacefully and love the process. The babies and infants are taught sign languages, ttoddlers given lessons of number recognition, colors recognition as well as potty training. For children of/above the age of 3, The school offers pre school classes as well as kindergarten curriculum. Fun activities like art, reading, math, dramatic play, science group reading lessons, story times, crafts and play times are organized.

  • Contact- 806-780-5064 806-765-7404
  • Location- 2601 Slide Road Lubbock, TX 79407 1912 19th Street Lubbock, TX 79401
  • Website-

3. Treehouse Children’s Academy

Treehouse Children’s Academy is based on the Christian Early Education curriculum. They are deep rooted with the holy Bible and inculcate Christian core values into the tender minds. They are a strong foundation who spread the values of Christ through their school, aiming to create a noble habitat. The school believes in developing a child’s character through the Christian values and make them close to God. The school has 6 different campuses in Texas, from which you can choose the one which feels the best to your locality and time schedules.

They provide the following programs-

  • Infant Program- Sign language, stimulation exercises, skill development
  • Toddler Program (18 months)- Language development, social skills, Bible time
  • Preschool 2’s Program- Bible time, language development, classroom procedures
  • Preschool 3’s Program- Bible time, classroom procedures, phonics and numbers
  • K4 Program – Bible time, classroom procedures, phonic and numbers
  • Kindergarten

In this school your child will not only grow academically or physically, they will have a complete mental and spiritual evaluation and growth which will incline them towards the belief of Jesus and Christianity.

Contact- 806-776-0825


  • 3309 101st Street Lubbock, Texas 79423
  • 13th 5211 13th  Street Lubbock, Texas 79416
  • 5044 Frankford Avenue Suite 700 Lubbock, Texas 79424
  • 82nd Street 2504 82nd Street Lubbock, Texas 79423
  • Coulter Street 7701 S. Coulter Street Amarillo, Texas 79119
  • Hillside Road5901 Hillside Road Amarillo, Texas 79109


4. Kids are Cool

Established in 2003, Kids are Cool preschool and daycare is a fun learning centre who inculcate Christian values in the children’s life through fun and daily physical activities. The school believes that children learn best when they do things and activities themselves which also helps to build their self -esteem and confidence. The children are also taught social skills and a lot more, all following the path of Christ. The school enrolls infants and make them ready for kindergarten over years. The school has special activities designed for their school aged children. The teachers enjoy a snack with the children after they are picked up from their primary school and brought back to the daycare.

They following programs-

  • Infants and Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten K4

They are encouraged to speak and express about their daily activities and are also offered a robust camp and weekly field trips during summers.

  • Contact- (806) 687-2665
  • Location- 7112 82nd Street Lubbock, TX 79424
  • Website-

5. Early Learning Center of Lubbock

Early learning Centre of Lubbock offers you a completely new and different experience with them. Starting with the educators, any new educator that enrolls with the school works with the seasoned educators for a minimum of four to six weeks before they are allowed with your children. The school offers scholarships to children and the fees are based on the parents household income, which reduces burden on them. The school offers full time as well as part time on accountable rates. The children at the school are provided supplies by the school itself and no extra charges are applied for meals. For your little infants, their required supplies are also provided with no extra charges.

The school has a very unique and open curriculum which encourages every child to learn and grow according to their own fields of interests. Nutrition is given special attention in the school The meals come on baby supplies and all other things related to food and nutrition are kept in complete hygiene. The school also has strict laws against discrimination based on any kind of origin, sex or race or any other bias.

  • Contact- 806-765-9981
  • Location-2509 Elm Ave 101 Avenue K 2714 Erskine 2714 Akron
  • Website-

6. Luke’s Schools

The school has been serving the locality of lubok Texas for over the past 50 years. They have a positive reputation in their locality for providing the children a playful and Academy clear rich atmosphere for their all round growth, development and creative build up.

For their preschool and kindergarten children they offer the following fun, playful programs-

  • 3 year old classes
  • 4 year old classes
  • Kindergarten
  • Music
  • Tuition

The school also allows a wonderful program, that is the Parent’s Day Out which strengthens the parents bond with the teachers as well as their kids in a fun and fruitful manner. Under this program, there are-

  • Infant classes
  • Toddler and young 2 year old class
  • 2- 3 year old classes
  • 3- 4 year old classes
  • Music

For after having school care they also offer a summer program. The school has a specially curated t- shirts for all of the different programs.

  • Contact: Preschool & Kindergarten- (806) 797-4396 Central Parent’s Day Out:(806) 797-8353
  • Southwest Parent’s Day Out-(806) 789-9974 After-School Care-(806) 790-9664
  • Location- Preschool & KinderCare: 3708 45th St, Lubbock, TX 79413Central Parent’s Dayout: 370845th St, Lubbock, TX 79413Southwest Parent’s Dayout: 580598th St, Lubbock, TX 79424 After- School Care: 5805 98th St, Lubbock, TX 79424

7. Shelby and Friends

“A Daycare that Cares”

This school is serving the families of lubok for the past 16 years. They are locally owned day care whose director is a nurse therefore your child is not only taken cared by but is also under the care of a well trained and medically professional staff. The day care is very warm, cosy and homely and the classes are also small which enables a personalised attention on each and every child. They believe that children learn best when they’re having fun. No rigorous curriculum no stretched out hours of burden study eateasy. The children here are encouraged to learn and grow mostly through playful and fun activities.

They have a wonderfully curated program that focuses on every corner of your childs’ developments and enhances their academic or creative skills. They enroll children within the age of five weeks – six years. The school believes that no child should suffer bullying or teasing by the kids who are elder to them. Therefore they have created a happy and playful environment for the little and cute people.

They offer care to infants, toddlers and kids up to the age of six years.

  • Contact- (806) 748-4000
  • Location- 2423 87th Street, Lubbock, TX 79423
  • Website-

8. Grow with Me Learning Academy

The school believes that a person who  is Christ- centered can never grow up with a negative mindset. Their curriculum and educational program is Bible immersed which develops your child spiritually, socially, academically and physically, close to Jesus. The school provides a very warm and positive environment which builds every bit of your Child’s character and personality,  helping them to grow into a healthy and righteous human being. Every child is encouraged to learn at their own convenience and be emotionally available.

The parents are constantly informed and kept in check with the activities and educational curriculum of the children through special app and website.

  • Contact- (806)828-5437
  • Location- 550 N 20th St, Slaton, Texas 79364
  • Website-

Here is the list of the best pre schools and daycares in Lubbock, Texas. The websites of the schools are mentioned along with their descriptions. Make sure to checkout the websites of each and every school and also physically check out the campuses and environment that the schools provide. It is very important to be sure enough that the school you have chosen for your little person is worthy enough and will mold them into a bright and right person.

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