Best Preschool and Childcare in Miami (USA)

It is in the modern era. Children are expressing their feelings and thoughts in different ways, and it could be through dancing, painting, music, or anything. Every child is talented and eager to know everything which is happening in their surrounding. They have thousands of questions daily, and sometimes parents get irritated with those questions, which are normal. Parents want to provide an open-minded atmosphere for growth, upbringing, and success and to know their various abilities and capacity. Most of the parents are working parents nowadays and are busy with their job and work.

They can not give time to their children, so they want someone to take care of their children and their health. PreSchools and ChildCare are the best solutions for every problem of parents and their concerns. Teachers are using various technologies in preschools in many ways to develop the minds and skills of students.

Every day, in 100 small ways, our children ask, ‘Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do I matter?’ Their behavior often reflects our response ~ L.R. Knost

Teachers are young, passionate, energetic about educating children and encouraging them for creativity, quality education, and much more.

Preschools solve the problems like concern for their daily activities, health, food, education, growth, upbringing, communication skills, physical growth, and social skills as they provide all facilities in one place.

Are you living in Miami (USA)? Are you a working parent? If your child asks thousand of questions daily, and you do not have time to quell their eagerness, Preschools and Childcare are the best solutions for all of your concerns and problems.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Miami (USA)

1. A Sunny Start Preschool

A Sunny start preschool is an early childhood education situated in Miami, Florida. It equips their spacious rooms with advanced technologies. They have various facilities, which include handwriting, reading, mathematics, physical activities, science, communication classes, and much more, and also have a library, music classes, computers, and a playground.
Staff members and teachers are educated and professional with their education. It encourages students with social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and moral values.

  • Location- Miami, FL 33175
  • Contact-(305) 680- 1468

2. Born2Learn Preschool

Born2Learn Preschool is situated in Miami, Florida, and offers services based on social-emotional development, balanced social and educational activities. Since 2001 they are providing quality education to students of Miami. It is raising the standard of education quality. It provides facilities like social studies, maths, scientific thinking, physical activities, literacy, and arts.

  • Location- Miami, FL 33172
  • Contact- (305) 629- 9889

3. L’ Atelier School

L’ Atelier School was established in 1994 and is a private preschool in Miami, Florida, and based on the approach of Reggio Emilia method, an Italian educational Philosophy. It has spacious classrooms for the creativity and exploration of students. Teachers are generous, educated, passionate, energetic, and kind. This preschool of for children of age one-six years. Every classroom student has been managing by two teachers.

  • Location- 5960 SW 71 St Miami, FL 33149
  • Contact-(305) 662- 2326

4. Montessori Children’s House

Montessori children’s house in a preschool situated in Miami, Florida. It is based on an innovative program to encourage and inspire children to become successful, kind, and good human beings. The Montessori has official approval from various famous agencies like North American Montessori Teacher’s Association, American Montessori Society.

The Montessori is licensed by the state of Florida and Miami-Dade country, and also has various programs like dance classes, music classes, Robotics classes, Art and Science classes, karate, and foreign languages classes.

  • Location- Miami, FL 33186
  • Contact- (305) 363- 6394

5. The Bright Days Pre-school, Inc.

The Bright Days Pre-school, Inc. was established in Miami, Florida. It provides children an excellent education, learning, and childhood memories. They provide a safe atmosphere for the growth of minds and positive thinking of children towards life, the world, and people. The nursery school has different programs like language development, maths classes, art classes, handwriting competitions, bilingual classes and music, and dance classes.
They also have additional services like summer camps, field trips.

The preschool and daycare provide nutritious meals and snacks to students and also have emergency first and CPR facilities. It took special care of hygiene so that parents could send their children without any concern and worries.

  • Location- Miami, FL 33176
  • Contact- (786) 709- 6072

The list of the best Preschools and Daycare has been given above, check and find the best place for your children’s daily activities and life.

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