Best Preschool and Childcare in Mount Barker, SA (Australia)

Childhood and early education make a great impact on the mind and future activities of children whether the education provided by parents or any educational institute. They learn how to behave, how to explore, and how to learn. Every future activity depends on the curriculum and upbringing of today. So, if you are living in Mount Barker and searching for the best preschool or childcare for your child, here is a list is given which can meet every requirement of yours regarding the health and education of your child.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Mount Barker, SA (Australia)

1. Alive Catholic Early Learning Mount Barker

Best Preschool and Childcare in Mount Barker, SA (Australia) is an extremely new child care center co-located with St Francis de Sales College which is quite famous as compared to other old schools or new schools because of its superb services, kind authority, staff, and loving and safe nature. It is the school that provides a pathway in Catholic Education and opens for the student of ages 6 weeks- 12 years.

The school is not only good in academic education but other factors that teach students the meaning of life such as literacy, numeracy, STEM, movement, positive education, the arts, ecology, and spirituality. They have a beautiful building with beautiful facilities and design which have a lot of rooms like library room, music room, indoor and outdoor areas for students sports activities and to make hem physically strong.

  • Schedule- Mon-Fri 7:00AM – 6:30PM
  • Location- 8 Dutton Rd, Mount Barke
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0881888700

2. Welly Road Early Learning Centre

Welly Road Early Learning Centre is a place where a parent can leave their children without hesitation and worries and can do their work peacefully. The school offers care for children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years old. The institute is quite famous for its homely atmosphere and has multicultural educators who are committed to inspiring a love of learning, rich education, and developed minds.

They have a natural outdoor play area where children can explore, with sandpits, a cubby house, veggie gardens, and climbing equipment. They focus on additional skills also such as fitness, sustainability, and cooking. The school is open for children of ages 6 weeks- 12 months and toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten students, and nursery schoolers.

  • Schedule- Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 6:30PM
  • Location- 46 Wellington Road, Mount Barker
  • Website-
  • Contact- 1800413885

3. Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Mt Barker

Paisley Park Mt Barker is a school open for children of ages 6 weeks-6 years to enjoy the natural, homelike learning environments with two outdoor environments and a Secret Garden where children can enjoy the natural wooden fort, cycling on the bike track, playing with water pumps and in the ball pit, exploring tunnels, slides, and sandpits.

Passionate and expert teachers focus on play-based learning so the children do not feel that study and education are a burden for them. The study should be like a fun game for students so that they can learn every skill and gain knowledge without any tension and worries. At this place, children also can enjoy activities such as sports, music, and cooking experiences. They also have an onsite chef preparing wholesome, home-cooked meals & snacks.

  • Schedule- Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 6:30PM
  • Location- 43 Adelaide Rd, Mt Barker
  • Website-
  • Contact- 1800724753

4. Where We Grow Early Learning Mount Barker

Where We Grow Early Learning Mount Barker is a home away from home for the students whose parents are busy with their work. They have a  bike track, water pump and creek bed, free-range chickens, slides, and a climbing wall outside in the large play area.

Children and their families are also supported by the community center financially and academically. They have a lot of programs such as sustainability programs, extensive school readiness programs, cooking classes, and fitness programs. The educators are kind, loving, friendly, well educated, experienced, and known well about the needs and interests of students.

  • Schedule- Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 6:30PM
  • Location- 2 GRANTCHESTER AVENUE, Mt Barker
  • Website-
  • Contact- 1300991991

5. The Learning Sanctuary Littlehampton

The Learning Sanctuary Littlehampton is a child care center for children of ages from 6 weeks up to 5 years. The school has Natural outdoor environments, Modern early learning resources, Yoga, music & sports programs, and Architecturally designed spaces where children can learn, explore, discover, and create in a safe, loving, kind, and nurturing environment and they can develop the skills and minds according to the requirement of them and present time.

Every meal and snack is provided for the children by the center’s in-house chef. Children eat together and learn how to serve each other, pack away, and eat a variety of healthy foods. The children get and enjoy meals such as beef casserole, veggie bolognese, or chicken and veggie pasta. For snacks, they are offered fruit and vegetable platters, homemade pizza scrolls, crackers and dip, homemade muffins, and banana bread, and much more.

  • Schedule- Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 6:30PM
  • Location- 1 Rosella Court, Littlehampton
  • Website- www.
  • Contact- 1800413868

This list of preschools or childcare centers has been made after the dig deep and research. The parents and students are quite happy and satisfied with the services and rich education of these schools. So, have a look and select the best one for your child.

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