Best Preschool and Childcare in Oakland (USA)

Preschool and childcare are the early learning centres that help your children develop socially, emotionally, and academically. It makes your children school-ready. So if you are looking for the preschool that gives the best learning experience to your child in Oakland, you have come to the right place. Here is the list of best preschools and childcare in Oakland:


Best Preschool and Childcare in Oakland (USA)

1. Zebra Stripes Child Care and Preschool

Zebra Stripes Child Care and Preschool encourages play, exploration, creativity, inquiry, and self-expression. It is a beautiful home in Oakland near Oakland Zoo. They provide their program for months to 6-year-old. They believe in a play-based and nature-inspired curriculum and they schedule a class for 2, 3,4, and 5 days per week. They have a very low ratio of children and staff which is about 1:4 where teachers give individual attention to students. They believe that children learn through play and it develops a child’s mind, body, and soul.

They provide have a very friendly atmosphere where staff includes daily activities and themes. They encourage students to learn more and explore the areas they are interested in. It is a nurturing environment that provides nutritious meals, plenty of outdoor time as well as indoor play. It is a perfect place for a kid to explore with their imagination and creativity.

  • Website-
  • Contact-  +1 510-501-6955
  • Address-  Calafia Ave, Oakland, CA 94605, United States

2. Pumpkin Seed Childcare

Pumpkin Seed Childcare is where children can begin their voyage at 2 years of age, developing everyday skills in age-appropriate settings. They have a play-based approach to learning which offers the balance of free play, both indoors and outdoors with structured music, science, art, and other educational activities. They offer nutritious home-prepared meals and snacks. They indulge students in dancing and singing, enjoy puppet shows, a backyard garden, lots of painting and drawing, and many more.

They provide a stimulating, encouraging, and fun atmosphere and encourage children to be creative. Their curriculum is rooted in the standards but flexible enough for a change in the weather, whims of a child, or an interesting tangent. They foster a community that values each member and builds the strength of each child. They provide daily reports of your every child and always help children to have good relationships with another which helps them to become a great character and be a good citizen.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 510-633-2423
  • Address- 7817 Greenly Dr, Oakland, CA 94605, United States

3. First Choice Licensed Daycare & Wonder school

First Choice Licensed Daycare & Wonder school provides a small, secure environment for children during their developmental years. They believe that every child is unique and make sure to meet every child’s individual needs every day and work with them. They provide an environment that is consistent and loving where the child gets the right balance which is needed to prepare children to develop both socially and academically. They build foundation skills like alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors. Teachers here create an environment where children feel safe and loved. They help them to e prepared for school socially, emotionally, and academically.

They provide programs to students of ages 6 months to 5 years old. Children to staff ratio are 1:6, which helps students to get individual attention. They support children to learn the values such as honesty, respect, self-reliance, self-discipline, and moderation as well as values like kindness, sensitivity, love, and fairness. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they always keep parents updated about their children.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 510-206-2386
  • Address-  5830 Fleming Ave, Oakland, CA 94605, United States

4. Uptown Little Birds Micro-School and Daycare

Uptown Little Birds Micro-School and Daycare stimulate the natural and curiosity and help them to explore the world. They are a small school that plays a critical role in nurturing and supporting young children and providing them good educational experience. They provide quality education and childcare. They maintain an environment that acknowledges and respects children from diverse families and cultural backgrounds.

They have a balanced child-centered curriculum that incorporates a STEM core curriculum. They provide programs to preschool, TK-2nd grade. They include Spanish, music, movement, outdoor play, natural exploration, and field trips. They have a rich indoor and outdoor environment, play, science, music, and many more. They have a micro-school which has one small classroom private school which serves a maximum of six-multi age children in-home setting environment. They offer highly personalized education which is tailored to the needs of an individual child. They have a rich indoor and outdoor environment, play, science, music, and many more.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 888-755-5383
  • Address- 500 William St, Oakland, CA 94612, United States

5. Nikasia Child Care Center

Nikasia Child Care Center provides a curriculum that enables each child to develop new skills at their own pace. They provide a healthy and safe environment for children to provide peace of mind for families about child care services. They have a variety of activities in a very safe, friendly, and supportive environment which encourages children to have an open-ended discovery. They provide a convenient environment at a very affordable price. Their curriculum encourages children to discover and explore and learn on their own and to reach their maximum potential. They include art, music, logic games, and hands-on investigation in their curriculum.

They have a licensed facility and all the staff is CPR certified. They offer programs to children of 0-6 years. They maintain a detailed record of each child including activities, snacks, and medications administered. Their daily curriculum includes storytimes, creative group play, self-expression through music and art.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 510-531-9130
  • Address-  4143 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619, United States

6. Broadway Children’s School

Broadway Children’s School is a play-based nursery school that provides great learning experiences for children They offer programs to two- or three-morning programs for three-year-old, and a three-day morning program for four-year-old. They provide a total learning environment that meets the individual needs of every child.

Teachers here come from many backgrounds, each with a wealth of experience and passion for early education. They have a cooperative program called Parents And Teachers Together(PACT) that includes music experiences, and indoor/outdoor playtime. In this program, parents assist teachers a given number of days each year.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 510-763-9337
  • Address- 394 Adams St., Oakland, CA 94610, United States

7. Sequoia Nursery School

Sequoia Nursery School is a non-profit preschool that has a play-based curriculum and provides a safe and nurturing environment for children. They create an ideal, play-based environment for children that help them to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. They work with monthly themes and explore developmentally appropriate topics to include children in several activities, such as:

  • Art and Science projects
  • Stories, songs, circle time
  • Manipulative materials
  • Blocks, puzzles, and games
  • Puppets and dramatic play
  • Outdoor play in the spacious play area, which includes climbing structures, a sandbox, and many more
  • Visits to groups such as East Bay, Oakland zoo, Oakland firefighters, and others.

They work together to provide a secure, nurturing, and stimulating environment to each child which helps them to increase positive self-esteem and gives confidence as a learner.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 510-531-8853
  • Address-  2666 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, CA 94611, United States

 So these are the best preschools and childcare in Oakland that help your children to grow and be future-ready. Most of them have a play-based curriculum that helps children to learn while playing, this helps them to understand things in a better way. These preschools have all the qualities that you are looking for in a preschool.

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