Best Preschool and Childcare in Port Augusta, SA (Australia)

God has created thousands of beautiful things and creatures that includes human, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, and plenty of things. A kid is the best creation of God as one has a pure soul and has nothing against any person even not then when someone tries to harm them. They are always ready to help other people and always give from the pure intention of love, kindness, and selflessness.

Every person should try to understand the thinking and intention of a child. Some people behave very badly with any child if they are financially unstable, less educated, or orphan They do not think that it will make a bad impact on the mental stability of a child and it will last till the death of one. There will be at least one thing that will remain with them as a bad memory. Preschools provide not only quality education but a way of bright thinking and confidence to a person.

If you are living in Port Augusta and finding the right preschool for your child, here is a list is given below, have a look and find the best one.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Port Augusta, SA (Australia)

1. Flinders View Child-Parent Centre

The programs are arranged in such order to expand children’s physical social creative and Intellectual capacity and skills to make them think and learn widely and out of the box. They want to give opportunities to children to raise their voice and to recognize their voice about the right of education freedom and creative ability freedom.

School is open for nursery students, infants, toddlers, kindergarten students, preschoolers, and for students of age between 6 weeks to 12 months. They always try hard to provide a loving, nurturing, safe, and homely environment for the students as they are going to spend their whole day without their parents.

  • Location- Chinnery Street, Port Augusta West
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0886425866

2. Flinders Children’s Centre

Flinders Children’s Centre and Tji Tji Wiltja Preschool are always tried and give proof of their well maintained and facilities by providing high-quality flexible educational programs that encourage children to find themselves, find their capabilities and abilities, to create and search for new things from their surroundings, to work together, respect each other, love every creature and human being and not to discriminate among students and equal based on cast, color, weight, height, nationality, and religion.

They make children educated in such a way that they have a strong sense of Identity and connect with and contribute towards society, parents, family, and Nation. They have a lot of programs to develop the mind and skills of children that include maths, reading, puzzle-solving classes, multi-language classes, and other curriculum and discipline classes.

  • Location- 122 Tassie Street, Port Augusta
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0886422067

3. Port Augusta West Childhood Services Centre

Port Augusta West Childhood Services Centre is a place that believes that every child should develop skills, confidence, and social interaction through play-based learning programs and classes. They always support and provide an environment that can build and raise children’s confidence, persistence, resilience, organization, and responsibility towards the nation and their family and themselves.

They empower the children to learn, to create, Discover and believe that every child is unique and special and can bring their interest, ideas, and creativity. They have extraordinary fun and interesting activities that encourage students and fulfill their wishes and cherish their every curiosity, wondering, Discovery, and engagement towards the natural environment.

  • Location- 1A Stokes Terrace, Port Augusta West
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0886424125

4. Carlton Preschool

Carlton Preschool is a Kindergarten / Pre-School situated at a beautiful place in Port Augusta and open with its excellent and marvelous facilities and resources for children of ages between 6 weeks- 12 months as infants, toddlers, pre-kindergarten students, nursery schoolers, and preschoolers. They have an outdoor playhouse, sandbox, blackboard, garden, and an indoor activity room too for the children to play and enjoy in their free time.

The classrooms are equipped with toys, arts, and craft material, a beautiful wall that has paintings and images of cartoons to make learning more interesting, comfortable, and beautiful desks and chairs that are adjustable so they can just according to the child’s height and make comfortable for every child.

  • Location- Rupert Street, Port Augusta
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0886426504

5. Willsden Childhood Services Centre

Willsden Childhood Services Centre provides children a safe, nurturing environment and promotes positive learning experiences through various advanced technology activities and programs. The school encourage and support each child to create freely and in their own space and to learn from classmates, educators, parents, elders, surrounding, and nature.

They believe God has created a beautiful place, so we should respect it and love it so that it also can give boons to us in return. They believe children are the base of any nation’s success, so children should educate well and learn in a safe, and open-minded atmosphere.

  • Location- 41 View Street, Port Augusta
  • Website-
  • Contact- 0886422761

Early education is the base of any child’s future and upcoming life, so early education should be rich, meaningful that make a student confident, humble, and successful in their own meaning of success and teach them to be happy and in peace. Preschools provide a direction to students towards joyful life.

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