Best Preschool and Childcare in Renton (USA)

To find which are the best preschools and childcare we need to do lots of research. Preschool and Childcare play a very important role in the life of children.

That is the age where they get to know about everything. Lots of doubts will be raising in their minds and to those little minds it is very important to get to know all the answers for their doubts. To clarify all these things and make them learn new things it is important to join them in a Preschool.

Are you searching for best Preschools and Childcare in Renton? Here we are providing you few of the best schools in Renton :


Best Preschool and Childcare in Renton (USA)

1. Bright Horizons at Renton

Bright Horizons at Renton is a NAEYC accredited center with bright classrooms and many learning adventures. When you visit the school you will find various playgrounds which are arranged for children based upon their age and also gardening boxes to see how they grow.

The curriculum is designed with various subjects like science, maths, literacy and art. As the center thinks the ease of learning starts from the early childhood they got a cozy corner to discover the books and also a lending library so that kids can even read at home.

Teachers are very supportive with the children. They look after them with much love and also with immense care. All their support builds much confidence in children to explore themselves more.

  • Location: 1600 Lind Ave SW Suite 150, Renton, WA 98055, United States
  • Contact : +1 425-523-8529

2. Tiny Miracles Preschool

Tiny Miracles Preschool is designed to develop the child wholly by both social and emotional development and self- regulation. The Preschool has generated a program to regularly access children learning and development to monitor them that how well they are going to accomplish their goals.

This Preschools offers a home based child care center offering an excellent play based Preschool program along with enriched curriculum. Children learn so much from playing , they explore many things. So it is important to give them enough time to play.

Tiny Miracles Preschool encourages curiosity,  creativity, and learning in a safe and secure environment. All the safety measures and taken for the kids and children are watched eye to eye with keen observation on them.

  • Location: 1916 Anacortes Ave NE, Renton, WA 98059, United States
  • Contact : +1 425-503-6095

3. Shooting Star Preschool and Childcare

Shooting Star Preschool and Childcare facilitates safe, clean and well planned environment to create best learning settings for the young minds to prosper. Professional and aging staff are employed who interacts with the kids very well.

This Preschool provides the best nutritional meals and snacks because they believe that it is important to take healthy and well balanced diet for proper functioning of the body .

Each classroom was created with center stations to enable the children for experiencing variety of activities with their teacher’s directions. Every day children will have enough time outside to develop their large motor skills by running, jumping and playing with the age appropriate play areas.

  • Location : 483 Duvall Ave NE, Renton, WA 98059, United States
  • Contact: 425-254-1346

4. Village Learning Childcare

Village Learning Childcare is one of the best center in Renton. A loving and nurturing home environment is employed for the children to make them feel it is a home. Here children are grow their knowledge, self skills, interests and talents which are very much important in their upcoming life.

The center is very much strong on building the relationships with the children. They respect every child individually and supports all of them.

Village Learning Childcare offers curriculum both indoors and outdoors. The curriculum is both child-led and teacher-led and at the end it benefits each child individually. The environment is very eco -friendly and gives the child all the care they need.

  • Location: 14813 Renton Issaquah Rd SE, Renton, WA 98059, United States
  • Contact : 425-793-1462

These are few of the best Preschools and Childcare located in Renton , USA.

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