Best Preschool and Childcare in Santa Clarita (USA)

Filled with all details, here is a list of a few best preschools and childcare in Santa Clarita where they ensure to keep your child safely and providing them the best early education by which you can secure your child’ future, all the information regarding structure, curriculums, activities, and facilities are given in this list and contact details are also there for any more query in case you required.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Santa Clarita (USA)

1. Montessori of Woodland Hills

This best preschool tries to give the best early education to the children for their upcoming future. The comfortable, and quick programs are the special ones which attract children more towards itself by various kinds of toys, new technologies as well as high facilities of stationery products. The development in children in this preschool is prior because the children are the gift and God and just because of them only this preschool has been working for so long.

The curiosity and creativity level of the children are at the top due to the high working and encouragement of the teachers and also by the full focus plans made by the teachers which include full development skills like developing children mentally pr socially. This is the best preschool in Santa Clarita for providing the best support and right guidance to the children.

  • Location- 6104 Fallbrook Ave Woodland Hills, CA 91367
  • Website-
  • Contact- (747) 444-4216

2. Magic Carousel Montessori Preschool

The approach of this childcare is to teach with fun and not only the knowledgable things but also the daily basis activities, like preparing a feast all together by themselves, building up of small skyscrapers by wooden small blocks and increasing their mental power by thoroughly using their mind in thinking of building the skyscraper. Also, they are inde[endent to play with any of the toys of their will which makes them happy through which the children remain satisfied whole day.

The teachers try to change children’s weaknesses and keep them natural overall because for them each and every individual kid is the same and everyone’s development is their development. They ensure that your child will feel safe after interacting with teachers because teachers are so trained and experienced that they know how to handle each of them, also the children will find teachers becoming their friends so that they can share any kind of problems with them.

  • Location- 17956 Sierra Hwy Canyon Country, CA 91351
  • Website-
  • Contact- (661) 298-4065

3. Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Childcare

The painting, singling, art, craft, playing, dancing, exploring, and speaking along with writing are the top priority list activities in this childcare that will help children develop holistically because for them each and every skill is mandatory to develop in children. The super excited teachers treat children as very precious ones as they actually are for their parent’s, also they provide them with all they require and help children establish self-confidence and always become motivated.

Education is a must but good habits and the right values are the most important things in everyone’s life, similarly, in this childcare, the teacher’s encouraged children to always become great people in their life. The classrooms are big enough for play as well as to study and are having big windows through which they will be always getting fresh air and quiet sunlight in the morning which will make them feel fresh and energetic the whole day.

  • Location- 10036 Old Depot Plaza Rd Chatsworth, CA 91311
  • Website-
  • Contact- (818) 652-7618

4. Sunshine Learning Center

The monthly changed curriculums are the top priority for the teachers of this childcare because for the children’s future is the top priority and then anything else, this curriculum is set by the discussion of each of them and through investigation the interest of children in their fields, which help them to design the best curriculum and help children to become a great explorer as well as a great learner.

They provide ample opportunities and knowledge to the children by which they become a self-made child and stays confident whole life, also they have unique and dynamic teaching philosophy which creates children creative by simply telling them to follow unique, routine and growth empower. This makes this childcare the best one in Santa Clarita.

  • Location- 27630 Newhall Ranch Road Valencia, CA 91355
  • Website-
  • Contact- (661) 246-3712

5. Tutor Time of Santa Clarita

The dedicated and motivated staff members are the building block of this childcare because they are so proud of their facilities given and all wee established activities that each of the children love to be a part of this childcare. Under the guidance of teachers, each of the children feels safe and secure and remains satisfied with the support provided by their teachers, the colorful walls are so attractive that they attract children to enjoy their studies.

Plenty of knowledge and fun makes children developmentally to physically because for them each of the children is a great creation of God and has been sending to this world with a unique ability, so teachers ensure their parents remain free while they are in this childcare. This childcare is best in Santa Clarita for giving the latest research technologies knowledge to the children.

  • Location- 23041 New Hall Ranch Rd Santa Clarita, CA 91350
  • Website-
  • Contact- (833) 274-1179

6. Little Ducklings Daycare

This Home daycare has created an environment like home-based where children can feel like their home and safe. This highly supportive daycare is having certified teachers in CPR, also they use to take only those having experience of at least two years because they cannot compromise with any of the child’s future. The infrastructure is designed smoke-free as it is having big ventilation and as well as big classrooms which will not be going to affect your child’s health at any cost.

They follow more teachers less student ratio so each child can get proper attention and concentration of their particular teacher in charge. The stimulating activities are provided to them which will help children develop their skills and help them to explore their thinking, also it helps children to grow mentally and socially, that’s why this childcare is best in Santa Clarita.

  • Location- 13071 Reliance St. Arleta, CA 91331
  • Website-
  • Contact- (818) 624-8796

7. Great Beginnings For Little Kids

The goal, mission, and aim of this daycare are to provide the best early education and curriculum and for fulfilling their goal, the teachers do hard work and try something very new every month for the children. They keep engaging children in doing something always because an empty mind means a crooked mind, so they ensure that each of the children is busy doing something and learning something new the whole day. The support of the teachers keeps children feel free and safe and not nervous even more confident that they start sharing all their queries by themselves to their teacher.

They ensure to provide a nurturing, fun, and creative environment to the children which develops children holistically with both body and mind. Also, they offer summer camps which will develop them more and through which they will get to know some extra activities planned in summer camps. This daycare is best in Santa Clarita where your child can develop a positive attitude and interaction skills.

  • Location- 23515 Newhall Ave Santa Clarita, CA 91321
  • Website-
  • Contact- (661) 254-3097

8. Tiny Thinkers Preschool – Canoga Park

They try to make children wholly developed by which they can become a self-made person throughout the life, for the children are the only priority which should be treated with harmony, love, and peace because they know children have a soft heart and they learn things properly when they are treated with love. Health and safety are always on the top for the teachers in this preschool because the children are the gift of God and should be cared for properly.

The academic curriculum includes learning with fun activities that develop children and keep them happy always. In this preschool, the teacher tries to give children a happy place, a healthy mind, and growing health because all these three values are important in oneself. This preschool is the best one in Santa Clarita.

  • Location- 7839 Topanga Canyon Blvd Canoga Park, CA 91304
  • Website-
  • Contact- (818) 346-3035

This is a list of the few best childcare and preschool of Santa Clarita which is having all details, as a parent you want for your child to get, also about their staff and whole development skills. I would like to suggest you choose any one of these for your child’s bright future.

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