Best Preschool and Childcare in Santa Maria (USA)

In this busy and changing world it is very necessary for children to learn and develop confidently. A good preschool is needed to prepare the child to face the world around. Therefore, here we have brought to you the list of best preschools in Santa Maria, USA.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Santa Maria (USA)

1. Central Coast Children’s Center

This preschool is managed by Bright Horizons and is accredited by NAEYC. Along with following Reggio-Emilia and Montessori Method of teaching they also have their own curriculum named “World at Fingertips”. The curriculum promises to provide fun and enjoyable early learning programs composed of various elements:

  • Caring matters
  • Language works
  • Science rocks
  • Art smart
  • Toward a better world
  • Well aware
  • Math counts

These programs help in early childhood development as they include all necessary activities required in early growing stage.

Children are given safe environment where they can learn and grow comfortably. They are taught to understand and respect people. Daily outdoor activities are performed to enhance their physical fitness and motor skills. This also allows them to connect with nature and feel the environment in which they live.

The teachers are kind, friendly and caring. They create a safe atmosphere for children to learn and understand better through science, math, art and crafts, music, dramatic play and many more. These activities also help them develop social-emotional, mental, psychological skills. The children tend to understand shapes, textures, patterns, numbers, sequences, etc. Children are encouraged to read, write and listen to develop language and communication skills.

Along with providing best education they also focus on serving the best and safe food. Tasty and healthy meals are served every day. Personal hygiene like washing hands is also taught to children.

  • Location: 1530 Cypress Way A, Santa Maria, CA 93454, United States
  • Contact: 818-672-7032
  • Website:

2. Columbia Children’s Center

It is one of the best preschools in Santa Maria. It is open to children of age 18 months to 6 years old. It is State Licensed center. To promote better and personal attention the teacher-children ratio is very less. They offer four different programs to different children according to their age:

  • Young toddlers
  • Early years
  • Preschool program
  • Kindergarten readiness

These programs help children develop age-appropriately. Every child’s individuality is respected and uniqueness is celebrated.

The classrooms are bright and colorful with various toys, books, instruments, etc. for children to explore and learn. The various activities include music and movement, creative art, science and nurture, objects and events, dramatic play, literature and language, and health and nutrition.

They believe that children grow and learn best in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Teachers strive to develop maximum qualities in children. Children are also taught to develop self-image, self-control and confidence.

A healthy meal is provided two times a day – breakfast and lunch. Children are taught table manners and their health is prioritized. The safety and security of children are always kept in mind.

  • Location: 840 E Stowell Road, Santa Maria, CA 93454, United States
  • Contact: 805-922-5437
  • Website:

3. Small Wonders

This is a childcare center that takes responsibility of children ranging from newborns to school goers. They provide childcare to extended hours and will soon become a 24/7 childcare center. The center is completely equipped with sleeping, diaper changing and kitchen facilities to children for their comfortable development through early years.

The teachers and staffs are certified and well-trained in CPR, first-aid and food and nutrition. The teachers are sensitive to the needs of children and are always there to support them. The center has a spacious play area for children to develop motor and physical skills.

The snacks and meals are served every day. The healthy and balanced diet helps in child’s growth and development. Teachers also focus on developing healthy eating habits in children.

Flexible pricing rates and discounts are given to siblings. This facility helps children from low-income families to grow and learn in a good preschool.

Staffs and teachers are caring and friendly. They strive to develop social, mental, psychological, emotional and cognitive skills in children through various activities. They also inculcate good habits and positive attitude in children.

  • Location: 712 E Chapel Street, Santa Maria, CA 93454, United States
  • Contact: 805-332-3685
  • Website:

4.Upward Bound Preschool

The preschool is designed for 2 to 5 years old. They offer complete childhood development program. They follow a play-based curriculum which includes various activities such as language and literacy, arts, math, music, science, phonemic awareness, printing, multicultural studies, etc. Through these activities children develop physically, intellectually and emotionally at their own pace.

Along with academic development they also focus on fine and gross motor skills development and social-emotional development. They provide a large playground and outdoor center for children to explore and build their physical health and motor skills. They also indulge children in bible-reading, and Chapel and bible stories to encourage them to develop spirituality and love for God. They believe that Bible is the word of God and by following its principles children can enhance their learning capability and work towards a successful future.

They have loving, caring, well-trained and experience teachers. Teachers strive to prepare children to build a positive personality in every possible way through the use of story time, exploring numbers, letters and phonetic sounds, etc.

Tasty and healthy snacks are provided for children to grow healthy. The snack time is fun and children are encouraged to enjoy healthy food.

  • Location: 1040 Patterson Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455, United States
  • Contact: 805-938-5121
  • Website:

5. Ana’s Family Child Care

This is a childcare center located at Santa Maria. It provides whole-child development to children. The mission of Ana’s family childcare is to develop strong foundation of children for future success and to prepare every child to face the challenge of the world. It lays special emphasis on children from low-income families and support under-represented children and families.

The children have access to safe, clean and nurturing environment that lets them learn comfortably and confidently. Children are taught to develop mental, social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills through various activities.

Children are taught basic discipline and manners. The childcare is run by a woman named Ana who makes the learning fun and children feel like they are at a second home.

Home cooked tasty and healthy food is provided and children are encouraged to eat healthy food. The safety and security of children is always prioritized.

  • Location: 1222 Speed St, Santa Maria, CA 93454, United States
  • Contact: 805-363-1664

6. Bettervia Early Learning Center

The center is a childcare center which is providing learning and education since 1998. It offers education to children ages 6 weeks to Pre-K age. It is NAEYC accredited center. They provide various facilities which include:

  • A safe and healthy environment
  • Developmentally and age-appropriate activities
  • Nurturing and caring interactions with staff

Their mission is to provide high-quality learning and services to children so that they learn fast and gain new experiences. Children learn under excellent supervision. They believe that children should be engaged in mind-sharpening activities. They should understand the learning process and develop interests accordingly.

The preschool values and respects each child’s individuality and mental ability to do things. Children are indulged in activities which make them physically, mentally, psychologically and cognitively strong. Teachers and mentors make sure that each child reflects their learning experience and understanding of the world around them.

A well-designed, and safe and secure environment helps the child develop a sense of security and grow comfortably. They are taught to respect people and value relationships.

  • Location: 2125 Center Pointe Pkwy, Santa Maria, CA 93455, United States
  • Contact: 805-349-0369
  • Website:

7. Tiny Hands Learning Center Weecare

The preschool is open to infants, toddlers and preschoolers. It is a State Licensed childcare center. It offers a play-based curriculum.

They provide a homely environment for children to grow and learn freely. The goal at the preschool is to help children develop social, emotional, and behavioral skills. The environment enhances curiosity level and intelligence through various children-friendly activities. The advance language development through their bilingual language curriculum includes Spanish and French.

Teachers are certified in CPR, first-aid and early childhood development. Teachers are sensitive to the needs of children and are passionate about teaching. The classrooms are equipped with toys and other resources to initiate new experience and active learning. They also provide a backyard, nap room, an art area and a reading area. This helps children develop intellectual skills, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive skills.

Breakfast and lunch is served every day. The health and safety of children are kept mind.

  • Location: 3810 Lisa Way, Santa Maria, CA 93455, United States
  • Contact: 805-749-2658
  • Website:

8. Busy B’s Child Care

It is a childcare center located at Santa Maria, USA. The preschool has experience of over 18 years. It provides a safe and loving environment to children. The children are offered complete early childhood development curriculum. Teachers are caring and friendly who give great learning to children. Various activities are encouraged for children to enhance social, mental and physical skills.

Healthy home cooked meals are served to children to grow faster and receive balanced diet. The meals include – breakfast, am snack, lunch and pm snack.

The activities which help children learn and gain experience includes coloring, painting, stories, nap time, etc. The children are also encouraged to play outdoors in the playground so that they inculcate physical strength and motor skills.

  • Location: 737 Spencer Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93455, United States
  • Contact: 805-215-4606
  • Website:

A best preschool is must for child’s early learning and development. Therefore, above mentioned are some of the best preschools where the young ones can learn better.

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