Best Preschool and Childcare in Toledo (USA)

Has your child started to ask questions, do a lot of innocent mischiefs , make mistakes and learn, then it is time for you to find them a pre school or childcare that can enhance their learning process through their educationally rich atmosphere and curriculum. Infants, toddlers, preschoolers or even school age kids required extended care in cases when both of their parents are working or busy.

Preschools and child cares from those caregivers who provide an equally homely environment to your child while they are away from you, as well as educate them with several worldly activities, facts  and knowledge.

If you are such a working parent who is searching for a pre school or daycare who can take care for your child in the arms of your absence, then you are at the right place. Here, where listing some of the best pre schools and childcares in Toledo, USA.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Toledo (USA)

1. Love ‘N Learn Educational Childcare

The child has been serving the Toledo area for over 45 years and are trusted by the parents for offering a very friendly, professional as well as dedicated environment to their children that truly enhances their child’s growth leaving a positive impact on their character.

The school is a completely safe and secure area where your child can freely move, learn without the fear of any mishap. The staff here is completely ethical, professional and certified who take care of your children and educate them in the best way possible. They also offer  four species outdoor play areas where the children can play and have fun.

They offer the following programs-

  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Pre school
  • Pre K

The school also conducts many interesting activities and celebrates several special months and days to engage the children into creative and interesting activities.

  • Location- 4440 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43623, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-474-4440

2. Kiddie Kollege

“A creative space for creative kids!”

They are star rated childcare facility who have the most flexible working hours for all those parents who need childcare services apart from the conventional 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM schedule.

They are all very well equipped and well furnished childcare who take care of each and every aspect of your child’s development starting from education, to physical growth, to creative development, arts and crafts, music, cultural activities as well as take care of their fun and entertainment.

The school has implemented the Step Up to Quality Approved Creative Curriculum which sets them apart in early childhood education field.

They offer the following programs-

  • Infant
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • School age

They also offer healthy and fresh catered meals to the children to take care of their unhindered growth.

  • Location- 2880 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH 43613, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-392-4241

3. Sylvania Children’s Center

“Developing A Community of Learners”

The school enrols children aged from three months- five years old and  hold a very positive reputation in the field of early childhood education and childcare. They are NAEYC accredited and have been serving to Toledo and it surrounding areas since 1992.

The school strives to implement such curriculum and program that enables a very healthy and all round development of the children. Here, the teachers encourage the children’s imagination, explorations, curiosities and creativities and help them to learn things at their own speed. The school provides ample opportunities for the children to develop self confidence and learn things through practical experiments on their own.

They operate from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday and also offer healthy and fresh meals throughout the day to the children. The parents are offered to choose from 2, 3 or 4 full days as well as part time and full time programs.

  • Location- 3421 Talmadge Rd, Toledo, OH 43606, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-318-7066

4. Learning Ladder Child Care & Development Center

“Taking Education to New Heights”

The school has two centers built on very convenient locations that are easily accessible and offer a very safe and secure environment to the children. They enroll children aged from 18 months- 5 years old from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. The school has been serving Toledo and surrounding areas For more than 10 years and have successfully built themselves a positive reputation for impacting the lives of children and paving the way for their smooth growth and development.

The school is as proud sponsor for Child and Adult Food Program (CACPF), which allows them to serve fresh and nutritious meals throughout the day. The school is very careful about their meal menus and take care of the health, allergy specifications or any special needs of the children.

The school offers free preschool for those children who are aged three and four years, through the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Childhood Education Grant (ECE) to those children who meet their eligibility criteria.

  • Location- 5155 Airport Hwy, Toledo, OH 43615, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-720-8686

5. Maria Early Learning Center

Where Faith and Love Nurture Learning”

The school has been serving the children since 1990, and are sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame. The school is a Catholic early childhood learning center who not only shower educational opportunities on your child, but also support your child in their path of spiritual and religious beliefs. The school is built on a huge three acres of land that provides ample space for your child to develop at their maximum potential, academically, physically, spiritually, mentally and intellectually.

They offer the following programs –

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Pre school

The school has implemented STEM curriculum, therefore be assured that your child is getting a wholesome development at the school.

  • Location- 4651 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-471-0170

6. Childcare Adventures Early Learning Center

The school aims to provide the children an engaging, interesting and stimulating environment so that their base is 4 a lifelong learning can be laid out and the children love their process of learning. The school promises to take care of an all round development of your child, serving them with the top notch services and care.

The school implements an age appropriate and development oriented curriculum and environment to the children where their safety is insured. They enroll children falling under the age groups of infancy, preschoolers and school age.

They offer—

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Pre school and pre kindergarten
  • Before and after school program

The school also offers a safe and on- time bus transportation to some selected school locations.

  • Location- 3542 Glendale Ave, Toledo, OH 43614, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-385-5880

7. My First Days Daycare

This daycare promises to take care of your child just like their own family so that no parent or child lives there center unsatisfied. They ensure Peace of Mind to the parents while they are away from their children. The school offers a wholesome development, homework help, several experimental and interesting learning activities and lots of fun.

They also offer healthy snacks to the children that are made with ut most safety and sanitization, in fact the whole promises is very conveniently safe and secure.

They offer the following programs-

  • Infant program
  • Toddler program
  • Pre school program
  • After school program
  • Winter breaks and summer camps

The parents are kept in constant connection with their children and are constantly informed about their daily activities.

  • Location- 580 N Byrne Rd, Toledo, OH 43607, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-531-6767

8. Children’s Discovery Center

“Where Education begins with Discovery”

As their mission statement states, the school is all about educating the children through their own discoveries and experiments and practical activities. The school implements the Reggio Emilia education philosophy and thus,  showers the children with numerous opportunities that encourage their creativity, problem solving skills, curiosity, concept understanding, investigation ideas, intellectual development call my emotional, physical,  cognitive as well as educational development.

They offer the following programs-

  • Infant program
  • Toddler program
  • Pre school/Pre- K program
  • School- age program
  • Enrichment program
  • Discovery school
  • Camp discovery

The teachers try to light the bulbs of intellect into the children’s mind through interesting and amazing activities that capture the their interests.

  • Location- 3839 Talmadge Rd, Toledo, OH 43606, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- 419-474-8303

We hope that the above list helps you to select the best school for your child all round development and growth as per your convenience and your Child’s benefits. Make sure to do in depth research of the websites of every  schools as well as visit the school campuses personally for your satisfaction of mind and heart.

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