Best Preschool and Childcare in Truro (South West, England, UK)

School is like a temple of education for students. But before that, they have to do some basic framework activities. All the schools here provide extracurricular activities and also transportation facilities. Parents residing in Truro (South West, England, UK) should go through this segment for all the details about the daycares and the preschools in the City.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Truro (South West, England, UK)

1. Happy Days Nursery & Preschool, Truro City

This nursery was established in 1991 and was started with few children but now it has 18 subsidiaries throughout the southwest.  They can accommodate 2000 children in all the branches. This organisation have a unique approach to teaching kids new academic skills and social skills. Officially they work for 51 weeks a year.

The curriculum is totally based on communication, physical development, personal and social development literacy, mathematics and understanding the world. STEM Learning program is also included. They provide a healthy and safe environment in which they gave their lessons to kids between the ages of 3 months to 5 years.

  • Location- College Road, Truro TR1 3XX
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1872 261519
  • Fees- 120-130£/week

2. Truro Nursery School

This school works with parents in a mutually supporting manner to nurture kids and they have been recognised by State authorities for that. The curriculum they follow is the EYFS based principles and the programs are designed for children especially preschool kids to learn play and explore to be active and creative.

The session for the cage starts in the morning at 8:30. The school also offers breakfast and after school programs, children over 2 years are engaged in different physical activities and a number of other extracurricular activities like yoga sessions and gardening. Forest schools are also there in which children are given lessons on planting, crafting, working with natural materials and also provide physical development skills as well.

Sensory rooms are also there for kids and in addition to that rooms are also offered in which spacious dormitories are provided with nutritious meal programs.

  • Location- 1 Upper School Ln, Truro TR1 2HS
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1872 858255
  • Fees- 120£/week

3. Naturally Learning Treyew Road

This organisation has become one of the favourite choices of the parent since it is providing a natural learning platform to its students for their brain development their knowledge and in addition to that, they have an elastic approach that focuses on the child as a whole nurturing their body mind and soul.

Their mission is to provide different types of environments like indoor and outdoor environments in which spaces are provided for children to rest, reflect, communicate friendly and be imaginative. Meal programs are also there for children in which they are provided with nutritious food and they are given lessons about dining manners.

The programs are officially for infants, toddlers and preschoolers kids.

  • Location- Higher Trehaverne, Truro TR1 3RJ
  • Contact No- +44 1872 274693
  • Fees- 110-120£/week

4. Munchkins Nursery

They came into existence in the 1960s and with several years of experience in fasting children, they are as recognised as one of the best joyful environments for kids to thrive. Their mission is to provide and follow EYFS principles to give them life lessons specifically for infants, toddlers, Pre-School and school-age kids.

Experience staff are provided to children and they are well trained by the mentors to involve students in different types of activities and creating an environment that inspires children. Assessments are there for testing children, sports activities are organised, communication skills are taught and art and craft classes are taken too.

Meal programs are provided in which nutritious food like vegetables is emphasized.

  • Location- Fistral House, Truro Business Park, Threemilestone, Truro TR4
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1872 858040
  • Fees- 110-120£/week

5. Chuckles Nursery

The school was established in 1995 and now they have 3 to 4subsidiaries throughout the city. The programs are officially organised and designed for children aged 3 months to 5 years and free education is also provided as per the eligibility of a student. The curriculum is based on EYFS principles.

The daycare has different departments in which spacious rooms are provided to children, large playgrounds with soft toys are provided, yoga sessions are organised, language classes are there, and specially designed dormitories for babies are also there.

Drop off services are also offered on-demand and meal programs are organised for kids.  Each and every student is provided with separate tables and books to learn.

  • Location- Station Rd, Perranwell Station, Truro TR3 7PT
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1872 863051
  • Fees- 90-120£/week

6. Daisy Fays Chiverton Cross

This school was established many years ago and it has been fostering children in a unique manner in which the curriculum is totally based on EYFS principles. The curriculum is designed for kids between the age of 4 months to 6 years.

Chennai the organisation provides stimulating rooms which are equipped with soft toys playing materials alphabets and other things so that children can be engaged. Creative rooms are also provided in which children are promoted to be critical thinkers creative and in addition to that they are given dance, music and sensory classes.

Inside the school premises gardens, kitchen playground and all the type of equipment are there for sorting and channelizing the energies of the children and making them physically fit.

  • Location- Chiverton Cross, Three Burrows, Truro TR4 8HS
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1872 560666
  • Fees- 80-120£/week

7. Three Milestone Preschool

With many years of experience in ensuring all the types of developmental skills like personal, social and academic skills there are some additional programs like dance classes and yoga sessions that are usually organized. Its mission is to provide role-play curriculum. The school is providing programs for infants (0-2 years), toddlers (2-4 years) and preschool (4-6 years).

Meal programs are provided for students in which nutritious vegetables. The school is officially working for 51 weeks a year and the session starts at 7:30 in the morning.

Well equipped rooms playgrounds and different departments are provided for students to know their talents in which they can thrive.

  • Location- 17 Treyew Rd, Truro TR1 2BY
  • Website-
  • Contact No- +44 1872 857694
  • Fees- 100£/week

8. The Pottery Pre-School

This school was established in 2000. The school offers a curriculum that is based on EYFS principles in which children 6 weeks to 5 years are given life skill lessons.

All types of furniture and equipment are there on the school premises so that children can be encouraged to be independent and to explore new things around them for instance kitchens, tables Shelters, climbing frames and wood furniture.

Drop off services are provided for students as per the demand of parents in addition to that they are also given social skills to thrive.

  • Location- Truro Baptist Church/Chapel Hill, Truro TR1 3BD
  • Contact No- +44 1872 263799
  • Fees- 100-120£/week

For more information regarding the schools mentioned above parents residing in Truro city should go through this list.

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