Best Preschool and Childcare in Vancouver (USA)

Are you looking for best Preschools and Childcare in Vancouver? Do you know why is it important to join in the best Daycare? Are you worried about the atmosphere present in the school? Is your kid all set to go to their new home? Are you tensed about the safety and security?

These are the most common questions every parents tense about . It is quite normal to be tensed on joining into the best Preschools. But it is very important to join them in a best foundation. They should be kept in the right hands.

Preschool and childcare are the phases where children spend most of their childhood with. So you need to look after all the schools to join in the best one. After checking all the schools in Vancouver,  we found few of the best schools for your children:


Best Preschool and Childcare in Vancouver (USA)

1.  Westbrook Preschool

Westbrook Parent Participation Preschool goals to develop the child socially, emotionally and intellectually. They also create so much fun by keeping many activities in the curriculum. This curriculum will help the children to develop their skills and talents.

Parents will be given much priority as it is very important to have a good bond between teachers and parents. This school provides preschool education for kids upto 4 years. These programs include art classes and music classes.

2’s programs, 3’s programs, 4’s programs are involved in the curriculum. Indoor and outdoor games are conducted to make increase  childhood fun and enthusiastic. Schedules are prepared based on every child capabilities.

  • Location- 4405 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 2A1, Canada
  • Contact- +1 604-224-3112

2. St. Giles Preschool

St. Giles Preschool provides education for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and also for before and after school children. The classrooms are very large and spacious. Teachers are well educated and trained on treating the children.

Children will get to learn about all the healthy habits and good habits. Teachers are very friendly and supportive with the kids. High security system is employed in the school.

Breakfast, lunch and evening snacks are provided which are specially cooked with healthy vegetables and are nutritious for the children. Summer camps are scheduled to make children explore about everything.

  • Location- 320 E 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 2R1, Canada
  • Contact- +1 604-325-0114

3. Kiddie Junction Academy

Kiddie Junction Academy aims to give the children best positive environment. This positive environment will help them to stay much focused on education by both social and emotional means. Inspiring nature is present in every teacher and they thrive to built it in children.

In this Academy safe and clean nurturing environment is provided with the best faculty. All the facilities are present in the school. Curriculum is prepared based on every child individual skills and their talents.

Children will get many platforms to showcase their talent , which will help them to build positive energy in themselves. Parents can know about their children daily activities by the staff members.

  • Location- 8860 Hudson St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4N2, Canada
  • Contact- +1 604-558-2552

4. Little People Preschool

Little People Preschool strives to provide best early education for the children. Management believes that children learn so much from playing , so they provided many play based activities for the children. These will help the children develop into good individuals.

The Preschool believes that there should be good connection between parent and teachers. So they created many interaction sessions with the parents. This will help the children to move friendly with the teachers and ask all their queries.

Transportation facilities are provided for the children both before and after school. Teachers send them home safely. Food is served which is properly cooked with healthy vegetables.

  • Location- 5600 Balaclava St, Vancouver, BC V6N 1L1, Canada
  • Contact- +1 604-261-2219

5. Our House Child Care Center

Our House Child Care Center is one of the best childcare centers in Vancouver which offers an affordable childcare services for the children. Many play activities are included in the curriculum. Children can learn maths, social, English and languages.

Child care employed special caretakers for the children who look after them every minute. Children will be taught all the clean and healthy habits and also the importance of food. The childcare connects more to the families.

Lunch and snacks are provided in the Childcare itself. Children can play music and also have special art classes . Here apart from their childhood they get to experience many beautiful memories .

  • Location- 123 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3B7, Canada
  • Contact- +1 604-707-0311

These are few of the best Preschools and Childcare in Vancouver

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